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  • Launchpad news, October 2015 – 09 Nov 2015
    Here’s what the Launchpad team did in October. Code Ensure that enabled and restricted processors are left untouched when submitting Archive:+edit (#1501519) Describe merge proposal listings in the second person (#991945) Increase Git backend communication timeout to 30 seconds (from 5), as detecting merges can be quite slow on large repositories (#1502748) Link directly to […]
  • Beta test: webhooks – 09 Nov 2015
    If you are a member of Launchpad’s beta testers team, you can now try out webhooks for Bazaar branches and Git repositories. These can be used to set up integration with external sites for various purposes, such as running CI jobs or publishing documentation. We expect to open this up to all Launchpad users soon, […]
  • PPAs for ppc64el – 27 Oct 2015
    Personal package archives on Launchpad only build for the amd64 and i386 architectures by default, which meets most people’s needs.  Anyone with an e-mail address can have a PPA, so they have to be securely virtualised, but that’s been feasible on x86 for a long time.  Dealing with the other architectures that Ubuntu supports (currently […]
  • Launchpad news, September 2015 – 04 Oct 2015
    October already! As the leaves start to turn red here in the northern hemisphere, here’s a brief summary of what we did in September. Bugs BugTask:+addcomment’s title doesn’t duplicate the bug number (#1323808) The duplicates portlet of bug tasks no longer links to invisible private bugs and now uses the correct sprite for each bug […]
  • Launchpad news, August 2015 – 02 Sep 2015
    Here’s a summary of what the Launchpad team got up to in August. Code Webhook support for Git repositories is almost finished, and only needs a bit more web UI work (#1474071) The summary of merge proposal pages now includes a link to the merged revision, if any (#892259) Viewing individual comments on Git-based merge […]
  • Launchpad news, July 2015 – 02 Aug 2015
    Here’s a summary of what the Launchpad team got up to in July. Code We fixed a regression in the wrapping layout of side-by-side diffs on (#1436483) Various code pages now have meta tags to redirect “go get" to the appropriate Bazaar or Git URL, allowing the removal of special-casing from the “go" tool […]
  • Launchpad now open source – 21 Jul 2009
    Get the code to Launchpad and join our development community.
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