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  • Launchpad news, September 2015 – 04 Oct 2015
    October already! As the leaves start to turn red here in the northern hemisphere, here’s a brief summary of what we did in September. Bugs BugTask:+addcomment’s title doesn’t duplicate the bug number (#1323808) The duplicates portlet of bug tasks no longer links to invisible private bugs and now uses the correct sprite for each bug […]
  • Launchpad news, August 2015 – 02 Sep 2015
    Here’s a summary of what the Launchpad team got up to in August. Code Webhook support for Git repositories is almost finished, and only needs a bit more web UI work (#1474071) The summary of merge proposal pages now includes a link to the merged revision, if any (#892259) Viewing individual comments on Git-based merge […]
  • Launchpad news, July 2015 – 02 Aug 2015
    Here’s a summary of what the Launchpad team got up to in July. Code We fixed a regression in the wrapping layout of side-by-side diffs on (#1436483) Various code pages now have meta tags to redirect “go get" to the appropriate Bazaar or Git URL, allowing the removal of special-casing from the “go" tool […]
  • Improved filtering options for Gmail users – 29 Jul 2015
    Users of some email clients, particularly Gmail, have long had a problem filtering mail from Launchpad effectively.  We put lots of useful information into our message headers so that heavy users of Launchpad can automatically filter email into different folders.  Unfortunately, Gmail and some other clients do not support filtering mail on arbitrary headers, only […]
  • Launchpad news, April-June 2015 – 09 Jul 2015
    It’s been a while since we posted much regularly on this team blog, not least because for a while Launchpad was running more or less in maintenance mode.  That’s no longer the case and we’re back to the point where we can do feature development work again, as exemplified by our recent addition of Git […]
  • Git code hosting beta – 01 May 2015
    Today we’re announcing early support for hosting Git repositories directly on Launchpad, as well as or instead of Bazaar branches. This has been by far the single most commonly requested feature from Launchpad code hosting for a long time; we’ve been working hard on it for several months now, and we’re very happy to be […]
  • Launchpad now open source – 21 Jul 2009
    Get the code to Launchpad and join our development community.
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