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  • Launchpad news, June 2018 – 06 Jul 2018
    Here’s a brief changelog for this month. Bugs Handle Bugzilla.time() changes in Bugzilla 5.1.1 (#1774838) Cope with the comment author field being renamed to creator in recent Bugzilla versions (#1774838) Build farm Set the hostname and FQDN of LXD containers to match the host system, though with an IP address pointing to the container (#1747015) […]
  • Launchpad news, May 2018 – 02 Jun 2018
    Here’s a brief changelog for this month. Build farm Send fast_cleanup: True to virtualised builds, since they can safely skip the final cleanup steps Code Add spam controls to code review comments (#1680746) Only consider the most recent nine successful builds when estimating recipe build durations (#1770121) Make updated code import emails more informative Infrastructure […]
  • Launchpad news, June 2017 – April 2018 – 01 May 2018
    Once again it’s been a while since we posted a general update, so here’s a changelog-style summary of what we’ve been up to.  As usual, this changelog preserves a reasonable amount of technical detail, but I’ve omitted changes that were purely internal refactoring with no externally-visible effects. Answers Hide questions on inactive projects from the […]
  • Launchpad news, May 2017 – 31 May 2017
    Here’s a brief changelog for this month. Bugs Export searchTasks for the top-level bugs collection on the webservice, and implement a global bugs feed to go with it (#434244) Code Fix git-to-git code imports on xenial Backport upstream serf commit to fix svn-to-bzr code imports on xenial (#1690613) Fix crash when unlinking a bug from […]
  • Launchpad news, November 2015 – April 2017 – 28 Apr 2017
    Well, it’s been a while!  Since we last posted a general update, the Launchpad team has become part of Canonical’s Online Services department, so some of our efforts have gone into other projects.  There’s still plenty happening with Launchpad, though, and here’s a changelog-style summary of what we’ve been up to. Answers Lock down question […]
  • Git-to-Git imports – 16 Nov 2016
    Launchpad has had Git-to-Bazaar code imports since 2009, along with imports from a few other systems.  These form part of Launchpad’s original mission to keep track of free software, regardless of where it’s hosted.  They’re also very useful for automatically building other artifacts, such as source package recipes or snap packages, from code hosted elsewhere.  […]
  • Launchpad now open source – 21 Jul 2009
    Get the code to Launchpad and join our development community.
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