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A software collaboration platform that provides

Bug tracking

One place to track bugs across project boundaries and tools

Code hosting using Git and Bazaar

Easy for anyone to get your project's code using Git or Bazaar

Code reviews

Full control of who can land code in your project remains with you

Ubuntu package building and hosting

Publishing your software is simple with Personal Package Archives

Crowd source translations

Build an open community to translate your software into almost any language

Mailing lists

Find and work with the right people by building a social network of individuals and teams around projects

Answer tracking and FAQs

Free software thrives on people helping each other when the unexpected happens

Specification tracking

Track ideas and chunks of work as “blueprints”

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  • Launchpad’s new homepage – 01 Mar 2024
    Launchpad’s new homepage Launchpad has been around for a while, and its frontpage has remained untouched for a few years now. If you go into launchpad.net, you’ll notice it looks quite different from what it has looked like for the past 10 years – it has been updated! The goal was to modernize it while […]
  • Launchpad-linked federated Matrix accounts – 22 Jan 2024
    Users can now add their Matrix accounts to their profile in Launchpad, as requested by Canonical’s Community team. We also took the chance to slightly rework the frontend and how we display social accounts in the user profiles. Instead of having different sections in the profile for each social account , all social accounts are […]
  • Self-service riscv64 builds – 22 Nov 2023
    Launchpad has supported building for riscv64 for a while, since it was a requirement to get Ubuntu’s riscv64 port going. We don’t actually have riscv64 hardware in our datacentre, since we’d need server-class hardware with the hypervisor extension and that’s still in its infancy; instead, we do full-system emulation of riscv64 on beefy amd64 hardware […]
  • Introducing Project-Scoped Access Tokens – 20 Nov 2023
    Access tokens can be used to access repositories on behalf of someone. They have scope limitations, optional expiry dates, and can be revoked at any time. They are a stricter and safer alternative to using real user authentication when needing to automate pushing and/or pulling from your git repositories. This is a concept that has […]
  • New domain names for PPAs – 16 Feb 2022
    Since they were introduced in 2007, Launchpad’s Personal Package Archives (PPAs) have always been hosted on ppa.launchpad.net. This has generally worked well, but one significant snag became clear later on: it was difficult to add HTTPS support for PPAs due to the way that cookies work on the web. Launchpad uses a cookie for your […]
  • Bug emails now use the bug’s address in the From: header – 20 May 2020
    The From: addresses used by Launchpad’s bug notifications have changed, to improve the chances of our messages being delivered over modern internet email. Launchpad sends a lot of email, most of which is the result of Launchpad users performing some kind of action. For example, when somebody adds a comment to a bug, Launchpad sends […]