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  • Name Status Last Modified Last Commit; lp:namebench Series: trunk: 2 Mature: 2015-04-29 05:41:49 UTC 2015-04-29: 1024. Discourage use of by req... Author: <email address hidden> Revision Date: 2011-05-20 21:31:28 UTC Discourage use of by request ...
  • Name Status Last Modified Last Commit; lp:namecoin Series: trunk: 1 Development: 2014-01-16 21:57:46 UTC 2014-01-16: 455. Merge pull request #39 from patricker... Author: khalahan Revision Date: 2014-01-16 21:57:46 UTC Merge pull request #39 from patricker/patch-1. Update 1 → 1 of ...
  • In order to make MuranoPL debugging easier, the engine should immediately fail on any unknown key in object model. But currently at least one field is passed from dynamic UI to engine, of which the engine doesn't know anything: the 'name' field. It is passed to the object model to be later extracted and shown as the name of component in Components table.
  • The hello-world bit is the name of the application and 'production' means connect to the production server. If your app is only going to read public data from launchpad, and not write it you can make the process more user-friendly by telling Launchpad that you only care about reading public data.
  • The short name can be anything you like, so long as it is unique to this branch within this recipe. lp:~bzr/bzr/fix-build is the location of the branch. In this example, the branch fix-build fixes a problem in the trunk that prevents it from building.
  • Author: Charles Butler Revision Date: 2015-06-16 17:09:35 UTC [r,a=lazypower] Tim Penhey 2015-06-06 Fix the django 1.8 with postgresql test. Tim Penhey 2015-06-05 Tweak makefile and test calls.
  • Why is the phone expiration date near the Passport Id. As far as I can see this will be seen in another separator, "Personal Info", under a "Citizenship & Other Info" section.
  • Hello, I've compiled from source (using GNU gcc 4.9, not clang) and also tried the binary-- same problem. The arm-none-eabi-gcc apparently doesn't have or can't find the typedef struct for __uint128_t. Is this intended? I've scoured google but can't seem to find anybody else having this issue. When I try to grep the directory structure of the compiler, the only references I see to __uint128_t ...
  • That solved my problem. I unset the proxy after downloading the image and used the following command (i had tried different syntax) glance image-create --name= "cirros-0.3.4-x86_ 64" --file /tmp/images/ cirros-0.3.4-x86_ 64-disk. img --disk-format qcow2 --container-format bare --visibility public --progress root@OSControl:~# glance image-create --name= "cirros-0.3.4-x86_ 64" --file /tmp/images ...
  • - Adds day name to the event day field to make it more useable for the user - Replaced textfield with label and also removed the used of highlight property which was to be deprecated soon in the SDK.
  • bug 1214789: name Button unknown in script (August 25 at 9 pm gmt+1) bug 1212706: (all): observe onChange / run in background (August 20 at 2 pm gmt+1) bug 1213439: (IDE): preview problems on multi-screen (August 20 at 2 pm gmt+1) new version of sikuli-setup.jar (offline setup, upgrade) (August 16 at 9 pm gmt +1)
  • The original "federation" of software packages that became the FEniCS software package were combined at the University of Chicago along with participation of Chalmers and TTI-C. The mascot of the UofC is a phoenix which I believe was part of the inspiration of the name .
  • petname (2.7-0ubuntu1) artful; urgency=medium * usr/share/ petname/ small/names. txt, usr/ share/petname/ large/adverbs. txt, usr/ share/petname/ medium/ names.txt: - remove two words (gryphon, crawfish) that seem to have fallen out of the common database
  • Search for people or teams by their name or email address. people teams both Launchpad creates profiles for people based on Launchpad usage, as well as information collected from public sources such as bug trackers, mailing lists, public key servers, and published application translations.
  • I found my finished download stayed in the Unfinished folder with .dctmp extension. If I rename it to the original name and open it looks OK. How come? I can't add certain files to my share and I keep getting this message "Calculated CRC32 does not match the one found in SFV file". How should I set up connection in DC++? Why isn't hub XXX working ?
  • Shadowsocks-Qt5 is a cross-platform Shadowsocks GUI client. Shadowsocks is a lightweight tool that helps you bypass firewall(s). This PPA mainly includes packages for Shadowsocks-Qt5, which means it also includes libQtShadowsocks packages.
  • - Added option to truncate the name of the main character for relayed text. - No Longer invites because of a bot restart if autoinvite is on, they will get invited if they were in PG before restart anyway - Added Option to have News Spammed at PGjoin. - Added improved handling of rerolled characters.
  • Package name contains: in 1 → 75 of 161 results First • Previous • Next • Last: Source Uploader Published Status Series Section Build Status; language-pack-af - 1:18.04+20200702 (changes file) langpack-uploader: 2020-07-08: Published: Bionic: Translations: language-pack-am - 1:18.04+20200702 ...
  • Package name contains: in 1 → 5 of 5 results First • Previous • Next • Last: Source Published Status Series Section Build Status; systemback - 1.8.402~ubuntu16.10.1 (changes file) 2016-05-16: Published: Yakkety: Admin: systemback - 1.8.402~ubuntu16.04.1 (changes file) 2016-05-16 ...
  • Subject: their Launchpad system name - name wants to join. Let's take a look at the membership list for the Launchpad Beta Testers team. As a team administrator, you'll see a pencil icon beside each member's name. This allows you to edit existing memberships and new applications.
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