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  • Blender is full featured application for building 3D content. It can easily be extended for new tasks with Python.
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  • Blender 2.47. Continuing Blender 2.4x series, Blender 2.47 is a bugfix release to stabilize the "Bunny Release", serious effort has been put in tracking bugs and fixing them.
  • 0 blueprints and 0 bugs targeted. There are no feature specifications or bug tasks targeted to this milestone. The project's maintainer, driver, or bug supervisor can target specifications and bug tasks to this milestone to track the things that are expected to be completed for the release.
  • The realization of the Elephants Dream movie has resulted in a big Blender development boost, especially in areas required for 3D movie projects.
  • Blender 2.50 "Alpha 0" The first public release of the development series 2.5. This is alpha grade. Milestone information. Project: Blender Series: 2.5x Version: 2.50 Code name: Alpha 0 Released: 2009-11-24 Registrant: jesterKing Release registered: 2010-06-04. Active: No. Drivers cannot target bugs and blueprints to this milestone. ...
  • Blender 2.49b. While one half of the developers were busy with the 2.5 project, the other half happily continued working on directly usable and useful features in Blender. Especially advances in the Game Engine justifies having a well tested, bug fixed and stable 2.49b release.
  • Update to state of blender repository from 2009-06-05 revision 20643 (launchpad: 1067) 195 . By Dietrich Bollmann on 2009-05-31. Command Port Blender 2.49. Update to state of blender repository from 2009-05-29 revision 20508. 194 .
  • If you are using Focal or a newer version of Ubuntu it's time for you to type: sudo apt install ppa-purge sudo ppa-purge ppa:thomas-schiex/blender sudo add-apt-repository ppa:savoury1/blender sudo apt update sudo apt install b...
  • Blender 2.52 "Alpha 2" Third test release. Milestone information. Project: Blender Series: 2.5x Version: 2.52 Code name: Alpha 2 Released: 2010-03-03 Registrant: jesterKing Release registered: 2010-06-04. Active: No. Drivers cannot target bugs and blueprints to this milestone. ...
  • Rob Savoury. A collection of PPAs giving significant upgrades for the past 5+ years of Ubuntu-based releases. Popular software here: Blender, Chromium, digiKam, FFmpeg, GIMP, GPG, Inkscape, LibreOffice, mpv, Scribus, Telegram, and VLC. For Xenial users backports of GTK, Qt, KDE, Java (incl. JDK 11), and other software stacks from Bionic allows ...
  • The release of Bazaar 0.17, a couple of weeks ago, got me thinking.. Before I joined the Launchpad team, I knew that version control was important but it wasn’t something I thought about a great deal. In previous jobs, I’d used Subversion to manage documentation and, although I could see the benefits, it often seemed more hassle than it was worth, particularly to my colleagues.
  • blender -p 10 10 800 600 --command-port 6789 > found bundled python: /home/dietrich/ blendev/ bazaar/ blender/ working/ branches/ blender-command-port/install/ linux2/.blender/ python > Starting the Blender command port - listening on port 6789. # starting the python client shell blash --port 6789 > This is Blash - the GNU BLender-Again SHell :)
  • Provide Blender 2.4 and 2.7 packages which can be installed simultaneously. 'blender' package is Blender 2.7, and 'blender2.4' package is Blender 2.4. The 2.7 package doesn't include pre-compiled CUDA kernel. If you want to use the Cycles renderer with CUDA support, you have to install the CUDA toolkit on your system to do runtime compilation of the CUDA kernel.
  • 185.By Dietrich Bollmann on 2008-11-14 * Patched Blender with the Command Port Patch. Patched Blender 2.48 as found on the Blender svn repository with the Command Port Patch for Blender 2.46 revision 15538
  • The blender variant to be used with a certain python file can be specified in the first line of the file. Examples: - For using the blender variant named "Blender Command Port 2.4": -*- mode: blender-python; blender-variant: "Blender Command Port 2.4" -*- - For using the blender variant named "Blender Command Port 2.5":
  • Adding sub-titles can be a painful process, since OpenShot requires each to be a title. There are lots of clicks required to add a new sub-title, set it's length, fade it in & out, etc... This blue-print has 2 elements: 1) All a user to import a .srt file (a simple text file of time codes and sub-title text) 2) A simple way to choose a "sub-title" template, and quickly insert sub-titles into ...
  • Otherwise send in a patch on our patch tracker over at https:/ /projects. blender. org We handle translations right in the repository. There haven't been plans to use the translation section provided at launchpad, but we might investigate it.
  • To prevent privacy issues, this translation is not available to anonymous users, if you want to see it, please, log in first.
  • Translated and reviewed by Jean-Marc on 2020-11-15 Located in /home/jonathan/apps/openshot-qt-git/src/blender/wireframe_text.xml
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