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  • Sandro is on a dial-up connection. He is looking through the games available for Ubuntu, and comes across Briquolo. When he navigates to the Briquolo information screen, the basic information appears immediately, with Mikaela's review appearing at the bottom of the page a few seconds later.
  • (test case: software-center briquolo (once installed)) * softwarecenter/ view/softwarepa - don't offer to 'show 9k items' in searches, as we limit searches to 200
  • #88152 [nvidia-glx] Switch user/switch VT causes lockup with compiz/beryl/desktop-effects
  • Binary package hint: briquolo. I was playing with the keys, I changed to play with the mouse (touchpad in my case) and it suddenly crashed. ProblemType: Crash
  • This branch contains many smallish fixes to the software-center trunk. The branch is kept in a stable state and is hence able to be merged at any point. The changes made are documented thoroughly in the changelog / commit messages.
  • Questions for Markus Thielmann. Languages filter (Change your preferred languages) English (en) Status. Open Needs information Answered Solved Expired Invalid. Summary Created Submitter In Assignee Status; 149013: NAT problem on single server install / Can't connect to floating IPs from public internet ...
  • #324091 bonobo-activation-server crashed with SIGSEGV in link_connection_state_changed()
  • Hi ! I'm using KDE 4.8.1 and Fedora 16 ! I had installed the lastest cairo-dock 3 ! It works ok ! But when by example, it open shortcuts in the subdock, is shows a missing icons (question icons) ... ! Somme themes resolve this, but my preferred not ! What i have to make to show the appropriated icons in the subdock ? Thanks
  • When I'm playing games in fullscreen mode, I cannot change the volume (laptop, HP tx2115nr with Jaunty) using my notebook keys. It's not possible to use my Play/Pause/Stop hotkeys (right side of my screen). I would like to change my volume without have to exit the game.
  • 13.By Muharem Hrnjadovic on 2009-09-09 Refactored the code. Also removed paths that are substrings of the path prefixes foud. 14.By Muharem Hrnjadovic on 2009-09-09 Finally got the computation of the local/manifest path prefixes right.
110 of 10 pages matching "briquolo"