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  • Cura trunk series; Translation for trunk. Language Status Untranslated Needs review Last Changed; Dutch: 1190 002.22: 27 27 0 0 2016-12-28 15:43:16 2016-12-28: English (United Kingdom) 44 096.38: 1173 1173 0 0 ...
  • Source Published Status Series Section Build Status; cura - 1:4.7.0~202008281942~rev4916~pkg348~ubuntu20.10.1 (changes file) 2020-08-28: Published
  • The Launchpad Translators group is a set of teams and individuals working on translating software hosted in Launchpad. It is a confederation of translation teams, and not yet another translation project.
  • Cura [stable] Cura [master] Displaylink: Drone: EMGD drivers (GMA500/Poulsbo chipset) eoan-dev: Extensible Virtual Display Interface: hdapsd: miraclecast: MT7601 STA driver: OpenRGB: Pygame + Python3: PySide2 (Git) AMD RAIDXpert driver (rcraid) SierraBreeze
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  • If you don't connect Cura with your printer, you can still use a USB drive to transfer g-code files to your printer. Select your printer from the list below: 2016-12-09: Para imprimir directamente en la impresora a través de la red, asegúrese de que esta está conectada a la red utilizando un cable de red o conéctela a la red wifi. Si no ...
  • Launchpad Id: sergiodj Email: Log in for email information. Jabber: <email address hidden> Member since: 2008-10-06
  • Impossible de couper avec les paramètres actuels. Vérifiez qu'il n'y a pas d'erreur dans vos paramètres.
  • Die Beschleunigung, mit der die Dächer und Böden der Stützstruktur gedruckt wird. Durch das Drucken bei einer geringeren Geschwindigkeit kann die Qualität der Überhänge verbessert werden.
  • Diese Einstellung limitiert die Anzahl an Einzügen, die innerhalb des Fensters „Minimaler Extrusionsabstand“ auftritt. Weitere Einzüge innerhalb dieses Fensters werden ignoriert.
  • Permet de modifier les paramètres de la machine (tels que volume d'impression, taille de buse, etc.)
  • bos02-arm64-026 builds arm64, armel, and armhf binaries and is owned by Colin Watson.
  • To learn all about my running projects and efforts, visit:
  • Registered by Alejandro J. Cura on 2011-04-28 There is currently no UI to let the user know that an out-of-quota situation has ended. We need some way to let user know that file synchronization is restored when he has either upgraded his Ubuntu One storage plan or made more space by deleting files from the account.
  • From: Alejandro J. Cura, 2017-04-10 Re: Thank you From: Jim Hodapp, 2017-04-10 Re: Thank you From: knitzsche, 2017-04-10 Re: Thank you From: Joe Odukoya, 2017-04-10 Re: Thank you From: Giovano Iannotti, 2017-04-10 Re: Thank you From: Tony Scott, 2017-04-10 Re: Thank you From: Zsombor Egri, 2017-04-10 Re: Thank you From: Ted Chappell, 2017-04-10
  • Author: Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen Revision Date: 2012-07-12 07:13:07 UTC Backport from trunk: Fix u1 search results to not seem too random. Lowers mem churn in musicstore scope quite a bit. This was rooted in the fact that musicsearch. ubuntu. com returns a mix of artists, albums, and tracks in the results. We do not show artists, so if the results contains mainly that, then we're screwed ...
  • Registered 2015-05-12 by Alejandro J. Cura. Browse the snap store, and install snap packages. This scope gets the list of available snap packages from the Ubuntu Store, and lets the user see the details of each application or scope before installing. The details include screenshots, rating and reviews. Project information ...
  • Author: Alejandro J. Cura Revision Date: 2011-12-02 19:30:27 UTC Do a HEAD request on the server to get accurate timestamp (LP: #692597 & LP: #891644 )
  • Author: Alejandro J. Cura Revision Date: 2013-01-25 14:55:12 UTC Add call to newest-purchases web api. lp:~andrea. corbellini/ ubuntuone-client/ fix-1068006: 1 Development: 2012-12-14 15:26:24 UTC 2012-12-14: 1365. ubuntuone-launch now checks the value...
119 of 360 other pages matching "cura"