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  • Missing dependencies: libqt5charts5-dev (>= 5.14.2-2), libqt5networkauth5-dev (>= 5.14.2-2), qt5-default (>= 5.14.2+dfsg-6), qtbase5-dev (>= 5.14.2+dfsg-6), qtbase5 ...
  • amd64 build of python-pysilfont 1.4.3.dev0-0~591-snapshot-202005201602~ubuntu20.04.1 in ubuntu focal RELEASE
  • Hi, I am just starting out with a Raspberry pi. It has a 16GB SD card. I want to install a Debian and Domoticz system from an img file. I know that the SD card for this image must be at least 4GB, but I am concerned that if I install on my 16GB card then 12GB will be "lost". Does Image Write deal with the extra space sensibly? If so, what doe it actually do?
  • i386 build of ae986150c4102f5186fbd9ca9b364750 snap package (domoticz-gm) in ubuntu bionic-updates. Snap packages; ae986150c4102f5186fbd9ca9b364750
  • I installed a fresh copy of Ubuntu 19.04. I tried to install Visual Studio Code and I get... "too early for operation, device not yet seeded or device model not acknowledged" I tried to install via command-line using sudo snap install --classic code I have also tried using the Gnome Software Center, neither work. I have tried reinstalling Snapd then the installation hangs at 60% and I have to ...
  • amd64 build of dolphin-emu-master 5.0+git-r202009170819-6ada03fca2-33~ubuntu18.04.1 in ubuntu bionic RELEASE
  • Changes to allow building on Ubuntu Bionic (18.04), with an aarch64 image that works. * Update Buildroot to 2019.02.1. * Update Kernel to * Update Grub2 to 2.02~beta2-36ubuntu3.21 LP: #1813319
17 of 8 pages matching "domoticz"