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  • debian-med (3.1) unstable; urgency=medium * Versioned Build-Depends bumped to 0.6.99 to enable Recommends in tasks files * s/Depends/Recommends/ (leave out list of changed metapackage dependencies which is messed up due to this change) * Moved to Salsa * Standards-Version: 4.1.4 * Bumped versioned Build-Depends blends-dev to >= 0.7~ * Priotity: optional (as per policy - see #759260 ...
  • Hello there! This branch fixes a shortcoming of pristine-tar's gendelta command: when there are files present in the tarball but missing in the unpacked local tree it happily creates the delta as opposed to aborting.
  • The server is using a self signed certificate and the client does not trust it (loading certificate commented out). Thus the handshake will fail as it should.
  • Dear developers, I believe this issue isn't relevant to the translations, but is about the word breaking of Chinese language in ZG or Unity (I don't know which is the exact package for this).
14 of 4 pages matching "exonerate"