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  • GeoServer - a Java (J2EE) implementation of the OpenGIS Consortium's Web Feature Server specification
    Registered by nitrofurano on 2008-01-30
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  • Also, GeoJSON files can be compressed 80 % with LZMA (7zip) and 70% with ordinary zip. Geoserver currently only offers zipped versions of GML and Shapefiles, not GeoJSON, and OpenLayers can probably not handle zipped geojson. I would think it quite straightforward to add compression/ decompression (as it is already working for other formats).
  • This blueprint is intended to house all topics, features, bugs related to the UI Sandbox development. The UI development can be broken down into a few categories: * Client - in this case JavaScript; extjs, GeoEXT, GXP, OpenLayers * Middleware: GeoSever * API: Django * Database: Postgres/PostGIS
  • Release notes . This release does not have release notes. Changelog . This release does not have a changelog.
  • This PPA can be added to your system manually by copying the lines below and adding them to your system's software sources.
  • Active: Yes. Drivers can target bugs and blueprints to this milestone.
  • 1066.By Fran Boon on 2010-08-22 per-merge commit: Protect the default Map settings, whilst still allowing personalisable settings. Start preparing for GeoServer/ GeoSpatial DB integration (Healthscapes merge)
  • dhis2-devs team; Mailing list archive; Message #02057 [Branch ~dhis2-devs-core/dhis2/trunk] Rev 685: Further modifications to GIS user manual. Initial DOcBook version ...
  • dhis2-devs team; Mailing list archive; Message #00766 [Branch ~dhis2-devs-core/dhis2/trunk] Rev 204: Moving GIS application to dhis-web-mapping.
  • dhis2-devs team; Mailing list archive; Message #01647 [Branch ~dhis2-devs-core/dhis2/trunk] Rev 505: (GIS, major) Overlay map layers functionality and GUI added.
  • dhis2-devs team; Mailing list archive; Message #17160 [Branch ~dhis2-devs-core/dhis2/trunk] Rev 6745: (Translations) More Vietnamese translations.
  • Due to changes in licensing and naming and the public release of a few repositories, several maintenance tasks need to be performed on many of our Github repos. Tasks include: - Renaming repos - Renaming products - Updating/adding licenses
  • We need to be able to manage users/organisations for a given OpenQuake installation. We also need to authenticate users irrespective of the OpenQuake frontend they are using.
  • Icebox store calculation outputs as geoserver layers (in the future we should support also tilestream layers) and calculation objects as geonode Map objects.
  • A prototype Faulted Earth tool was developed to serve as a demo that was presented this past June in China. Since then we have stopped development of the tool until we gained group and PI consensus on feed back from that meeting, and new conceptions of the tool from within the development team. Recent update from Menlo Park meeting in late September, has some new ideas/features.
  • 1058.By Fran Boon on 2010-08-22 Fix defaults showing in AutoCompletes. 1059.By Fran Boon on 2010-08-22 Usability enhancements for RMS (suggestions from Hsiaojan) & AutoCompletes/ Default 1060.
  • 2009/4/24 Knut Staring <knutst@xxxxxxxxx>: > The new GIS solution for DHIS 2 is not using KML, but GeoJSON. > Conversion between these formats and PostGIS or Mysql/H2 spatial > tables is possible, but for now we will mainly be using JSON files > generated by GeoServer.
  • dhis2-devs team; Mailing list archive; Messages by date Messages by date. Messages sent to the dhis2-devs mailing list, ordered by date from the newest to oldest.
  • controllers/ (+2/-2) controllers/ (+460/-0) models/ (+295/-288) models/ (+142/-0) modules/ (+1/-1) modules ...
  • Implement the ability for DHIS to connect to a Web Feature Service (WFS) web service which will automatically populate the organization hierarchy for a particular organizational unit level. Such functionality was developed by a student group at University of Oslo, which connected to a web service provided by the World Health Organization.
  • summary: - Maps from fixtures contains have wrong thumbnail + Maps from fixtures have wrong thumbnail
120 of 39 other pages matching "geoserver"