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  • The Gnome Project was founded to build on the ... and of course the Gnome Panel which acts as a launcher and general access ... GNOME Terminal; GNOME Themes;
  • Firefox and Chromium behave as I would expect - if you right click the icon, you see the additional launcher items listed in /usr/share/applications/*.desktop (New Window, Private Window, etc...)- is it possible to have this behavior in gnome-terminal?
  • Hi. How can I identify the name, command or PID of a running desktop application? Is it possible at all? I tried opening top in gnome-terminal but the list of running applications is very long.
  • can't launch application listed in Ubuntu software center. Asked by stanley Applebaum on 2012-07-18. ... you can drag the icon into the launcher to add it.
  • This GTK2 Terminator is a fossil at this ... vertical split shortcut conflicts with gnome-terminal behaviour: 3 ... Launcher doesn't work if DBus set and a window is ...
  • decoratio n) after minimizing/ unminimizing gnome-terminal 987639 - ... 1036542 - [regression] Clicking launcher icons in expo mode now exits expo
  • Launcher, Window Management ... doesn't work in gnome-terminal: 3 High: Sam Spilsbury 10 Fix ... Launcher switcher should be terminated if a launcher icon keybinding ...
  • Ubuntu Kylin xenial-beta2. Milestone information. ... Feature-Custom Launcher: the content of “Icon Background ... Failed to open the gnome-terminal in live session:
  • * Fix terminal shot plugin to work with GTK3 (Vineeth Raj) ... * Layout launcher with option or shortcut (Steve Boddy) ... make the main window icon loading work
  • bzr merge lp:~docky-core/plank/launcher-uri: Related bugs: Bug #1058468: Add ability to pin trash bin to dock: Wishlist: Fix Released:
  • I have a dell mini 10, with 1024x600 screen resolution. The netbook launcher icons are too big, and only 3 columns of icons are shown where 4 can fit perfectly.
  • awn requires gnome-panel-launcher icon which is unavailable on DEs other than GNOME: ... Window Matching - Terminal Server Client vs. (Gnome-)Terminal: 4 Medium: moonbeam
  • Improving the matching of icons with the corresponding task/launcher. Log in ... ~h4writer/awn/awn-customize-icons. ... Server Client vs. (Gnome-)Terminal: Medium:
  • multi-touch-dev team mailing list archive. ... //icons/workspace-switcher (gnome-terminal:642): ... //icons/ (unity-2d-launcher:909): ...
  • A lean application menu and launcher for Gnome. ... Run these commands in a terminal: ... Cardapio on Gnome Shell on 2011-07-30 Pssst!
  • Unity Launcher has black spaces where icons ... Launcher icon progress-bar too big for a 32px ... Gnome-terminal doesn't start in user home directory when started ...
  • The standard GNOME icon theme is missing many icons, ... the correct icon definition is used for the mail reader launcher [2]. ... gnome-icon-theme-xfce
  • Author: Ding Zhou Revision Date: 2012 ... Add NewWindow shortcuts to Unity launcher. lp: ... Release gnome-terminal 2.32.0-0ubuntu2 Author: Ding Zhou ...
  • I would like to use an applications icon on Docky, but Ubuntu uses a system icon for a manually created launcher. Is there a way to change the icon like there is in Cairo?
119 of 7410 pages matching "gnome-terminal icon launcher"