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  • A cross-platform transcoder based off ffmpeg, x264, and other Open Source projects.
    Registered by John Dong on 2008-11-29
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  • This PPA can be added to your system manually by copying the lines below and adding them to your system's software sources.
  • amd64 build of handbrake 1:20190401094805-bb54b66-master-zhb-1ppa1~cosmic1 in ubuntu cosmic RELEASE
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  • The team of brave souls that will try to package HandBrake for Ubuntu. This will also serve in the meantime as a PPA for quality HandBrake packages.
  • WARNING: These packages are obsolete and for archival purposes only. This PPA will be deleted after a suitable transition period. IMPORTANT: As of Aug 25, 2015 the nightly builds have been moved to a new PPA. We migrated HandBrake from svn to github which caused a change in nightly build version numbering that is incompatible with the old PPAs versions.
  • IRC: j45 on OpenPGP keys: 181D4C5E1D112984AFCAC1BBF9CB938330CC05C8 Languages: English
  • Open Rails is just what the name implies - a railroad simulation platform that's open for inspection, open for continuous improvement, open to third parties and commercial enterprises, open to the community, and best of all, an open door to the future.
  • Frequent snapshot builds of HandBrake GIT head. These are not stable releases. They are unstable (and undocumented) code which will one day lead to the next stable release of HandBrake.
  • I can't get a wmv video to play. It plays in Windows Media Player. Its in fact the default windows 7 video included with WIndows 7. I copy the default layout to a NewLayout. I can get a simple 'text' window to show. Here are the steps i took Installed latest Xampp, setup users, installed Xibo, etc. Then: 1) copied default layout to 'NewLayout', did not copy media 2) chose NewLayout and changed ...
  • Author: John Dong Revision Date: 2007-05-26 22:29:35 UTC A few more reliability tweaks
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  • a52dec (0.7.4-17) unstable; urgency=low * Apply patches provided by - A00-a52-state-t-public.patch - A01-thread-safe.patch - A04-modern-gcc-cflags.patch * Bump standards version, no changes needed * Bump debhelper to compat level 9 to pickup hardening flags and install in multi-arch directories -- Reinhard Tartler <email address hidden> Thu, 13 Feb 2014 01:55:54 +0000
  • Package totals. The following information is related to the total published packages in the repository (not on your system).
  • i386 build of mrpt 1:1.9.9~snapshot20171029-2100-git-4ab057a1-xenial-1~ppa1~xenial in ubuntu xenial RELEASE
  • i386 build of the-powder-toy 81.7-0~ppa1+r1275+pkg47~precise1 in ubuntu precise RELEASE
  • Overseeing and changing freedesktop categories in graphics packages available in Ubuntu.
117 of 1530 other pages matching "handbrake"