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  • Krita - digital painting studio This project related to Krita Lime PPA
    Registered by Sunderland93 on 2017-06-17
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  • This PPA delivers the freshest Krita packages for Ubuntu, directly picked by the developers from the source tree. If you have Ubuntu 16.10 or newer, please use Krita from this repository, this is an officially recommended way alongside ...
  • How to compile Krita if you have Qt5 installed? How to add brushes into PopUp Palette? How to get a list of most used color in the image? How to do a clean build? How to run External Unittests; is there a way to restore a default brush that i have mistakenly overwriten with new settings to default? How to fix a tablet offset on screen on Windows
  • 2) Start Krita without using a stylus, that is using a mouse or a keyboard 3) Press Shift key and hold it 4) Touch a tablet with your stylus so Krita would recognize it. You will see a special dialog asking for real screen resolution. Choose the correct value or enter it manually and press OK.
  • krita-testing-l10n 2+git20151208+r12~ubuntu12.04.1 Dmitry Kazakov (2015-12-08) krita-testing-l10n 2+git20150705+r7~ubuntu14.10.1 Dmitry Kazakov (2015-07-05) krita3-testing 2+git20160531+r17-67~ubuntu16.04.1 ...
  • Renamed into krita-lod-unstable. lp:~kritalime/ +junk/krita-2.9-ubuntu: 1 Development: 2015-09-02 13:27:33 UTC 2015-09-02: 59. Remove dependency from libxbase2.0 Author: Dmitry Kazakov Revision Date: 2015-09-02 13:27:33 UTC ...
  • 1) Open "Brush Presets" docker. 2) Create a new tag, e.g. "My Favorite Brushes" 3) Assign that tag to the brushes you like 4) Open the PopUp Palette and select this tag ("My Favorite Brushes") in the drop-down menu on the configuration icon.
  • I'm trying to draw something and I changed my brush and after I changed it Krita keeps freezing every time I add a stroke. I tried lowering my graphics settings and everything like every troubleshooting website is telling me but it won't work. I should mention I am on a Mac and I am using a drawing tablet(the Huion H420). I did try changing the brush and it didn't work either.
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  • 00000021 12.37029171 [6248] krita.tabletlog: lc.lcSysOrgX = 0 00000022 12.37033844 [6248] krita.tabletlog: lc.lcSysOrgY = 0 00000023 12.37038517 [6248] krita.tabletlog: lc.lcSysExtX = 1366 00000024 12.37042713 [6248] krita.tabletlog: lc.lcSysExtY = 768 00000025 12.37048054 [6248] krita.tabletlog: Qt Desktop Geometry QRect(0,0 1366x768)
  • 3) Start Krita. 4) Press Ctrl+Shift+T, you will see a message box telling the logging is started. 5) Try to reproduce your problem. 6) Go back to DebugView and save its output to a file. Attach this file to a bug report or paste using services like :)
  • Imported Krita Russian localizations Author: Dmitry Kazakov Revision Date: 2014-03-03 04:26:18 UTC Imported Krita Russian localizations. lp:~dimula73/ +junk/calligra-2.8-ubuntu: 1 Development: 2014-02-25 14:39:25 UTC 2014-02-25: 48. fixed control file Author: Dmitry Kazakov ...
  • Yes, remove the newly created presetfrom ~/.kde4/ share/apps/ krita/paintoppr esets/ List all FAQs • Take the tour • Read the guide
  • its the first time i use krita and i added a reference image, i started to draw when i decided to remove the reference image but i cant find out how. I clicked on pan tool to try and click the image then clicked on delete but instead it would delete my drawing so i had to click on undo.
  • That's great to hear. I didn't actually know that the ACBF Editor could be used to resize the pages, including frames, which kind of makes this a non-issue. I tested doing the same with Krita's Comics Manager, scaling the comic on export, and the frames worked fine in the export, so then you have at least two options to work with.
  • Fix the krita icon name Author: Philip Muškovac Revision Date: 2016-03-18 22:57:56 UTC Fix the krita icon name. lp:~kubuntu-packagers/ kubuntu-packaging/ amarok: Development: 2016-01-18 16:33:05 UTC 2016-01-18: 133. Improve the changelog Author: Philip Muškovac ...
  • Alan Pope, Developer Advocate at Canonical, working on Snapcraft.
  • Author: Alan Pope 🍺🐧🐱 🦄 Revision Date: 2017-05-01 14:43:35 UTC fix build issues, add missing packages, fix i386 audio issue
  • This plugin allows the Gimp to open and save image files in the WebP format.
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