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  • Merge lp:~vanvugt/mir/resize-remove-unused-create_buffer-size into lp:mir. resize-remove-unused-create_buffer-size; Merge into development-branch
  • I would like to have a startup option to launch Slingshot without the triangular pointer near the upper left corner. When I launch Slingshot from Plank the triangular pointer is misleading. The logic behind launching Slingshot from Plank is less mental overhead and less physical work. I don't have to journey to another spot on my screen to open an app if I can't see it in the dock.
  • The code looks ok. I would prefer to revert basic_client.c to its previous form. If we want to be able to try this scenario we could add a flag to release after main (or perhaps a completely different example).
  • Launchpad lets projects track the features they intend to implement over the next few releases. We call each feature proposal a "blueprint", and it can be a single paragraph placeholder for the idea, or a full-blown development specification.
  • Here's a branch to stop using mlockall and instead selectively secure the pieces of memory we use for passwords. I didn't bother fixing the liblightdm libraries. The greeters are relatively shortlived and can use mlockall just fine. And for the session-child code, I continue to use mlockall. 'man pam_conv' indicates that PAM modules expect to be able to free the pam_response structs themselves ...
  • This is the make_module_ptr version, but I prefer the alternative: due to its self-debugging ...
  • client: add platform-specific conversions for MirBufferUsage and MirPixelFormat to the client platform. The current system says "i want a 'hardware' buffer", and the server selects something appropriate.
  • Good question. Yes, a few reasons for that: 1. I wrote Plugin long before noticing make_module_ptr existed. 2. Plugin is simpler, more elegant, smaller, fewer templates, easier to understand, and provides a handy debugging feature which tells you you've made a mistake before you encounter cryptic unmapped memory crashes.
  • Avoid leaking client platform modules, and particularly ensure unused modules are not kept resident while the client is running (LP: #1527449) This also fixes crashing clients (LP: #1526658) due to Mesa's dlsym calls landing on the wrong symbol versions.However that fix only works for future Mir releases and not retrospectively because of the dlopen leak in client_ platform_ factory. cpp ...
  • add MirExtensionGbmBufferV2, which adds functions that help a GBM buffer import in the mesa driver. This prepares mir_buffer_get_buffer_packgae (and MirBufferPackage) for deprecation. Integrated with the 'rs' platform (in the current naming) Mesa patch on the ML. Also, spent some time considering whether the extension should just return a gbm_bo*.
  • There are some comments about some "size" parameters now being unused. They will be eliminated in later proposals.
  • Avoid allocating mir::protobuf objects on the stack When an addition is made to a protobuf message, a stack allocation of such object may differ from what the destructor of that message is expecting as the destructor is defined by libmirprotobuf and the allocation may have been made from an older definition of the message (by an older mirclient library for example) which can lead to stack ...
  • Its fair to say that the primary point of this branch is fixing LP: #1590765, and that the new feature was released in the 0.23.0 release, and then later disabled as a workaround. As for the question of whether this feature is needed to be turned on, we do need this to enable work on nested passthrough, vulkan, and multimedia improvements.
  • The short summary: * mirclient ABI bumped to 7 * mirserver ABI bumped to 15 * Refactoring to support client-controled RPC. * Add an translucent server example (use sparingly, this will kill performance!)
  • #1377743: indicator services restart after every resume #1366534: lightdm lefts a11y (at-spi*) process behind This solution is better than one used in debian, but I don't like it too. It's still possible to see lightdm's at-spi processes after login in some cases. Needs testing.
  • 3892.By Chris Halse Rogers on 2016-12-15 Fix deferred event delivery in MirProtobufRpcC hannel.. If with_surface_do() ends up deferring execution we need to keep the deserialised
  • This is preventing async-render-surface from passing CI.
  • .bzrignore (+13/-0).tx/config (+848/-0).tx/readme.txt (+4/-0) Algorithms/build.xml (+8/-0) Algorithms/ (+5/-0) Algorithms/nbproject/build-impl.xml (+45/-0 ...
  • Questions for Odoo Server (MOVED TO GITHUB) ... Languages filter (Change your preferred languages)
  • 3635.By Daniel van Vugt on 2016-09-28 debian/changelog: Fix up version format. Remember we're releasing Mir-for-Ubuntu and not a definitive one release for all distros.
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