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  • MIxxx can't shutdown and screws up config with no disk space left: 3 High 10 Fix Released: 1882450 #1882450: notarize mixxx for macOS: 3 High: RJ Skerry-Ryan 10 Fix Released: 1882550 #1882550: Mixxx writes duplicate lines to mixxx.cfg: 3 High: Uwe Klotz 10 Fix Released: 1888455 #1888455: F11 to Fullscreen Crashes 2.3 on Ubuntu Studio 20.04: 3 High
  • Author: Be Author Date: 2021-11-17 15:08:39 UTC Merge pull request #4526 from Holzhaus/ qt6-container-bump CI: Update ArchLinux docker image for Qt6 builds to 20211116-qt6
  • Mixxx beta releases for users who'd like to test out new features at the expense of some stability. These releases may be unstable and we strongly recommend that you avoid using them for live performances.
  • Release management team for Mixxx, the open source DJ mixing software.
  • Mixxx supports MP3, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, and Ogg/Vorbis, so make sure to rip songs from your CDs in one of these formats in order to use them with Mixxx. Make sure to rip your audio into the same Library folder that you use for Mixxx. This is the folder that you chose when you first installed Mixxx. To lookup your Mixxx library folder, from the ...
  • Revision history for this message. Sean M. Pappalardo (pegasus-renegadetech) said on 2017-06-02: #1. Not exactly. The closest thing we currently have is the controller subsystem, where your application could converse with Mixxx via MIDI or HID.
  • Mixxx on MacOS can currently read mp4/AAC ( default iTunes format, not DRM protected ),Ogg Vorbis, MP3, FLAC, WAV, AIFF. You could convert your m4p tracks to one of the supported formats to remove the drm. Convert M4P to M4A with iTunes. In fact, you can convert M4P to M4A with iTunes. Create a playlist and add the M4P files you want to convert ...
  • Hello all, I've been attempting to compile Mixxx for a couple weeks now with no luck. My ultimate goal is to enable m4a/AAC compatibility, but can't even get that far. I've tried on both Vista and Windows 7. It would seem that VAMP doesn't want to compile for some reason. I'm attaching the output from my compiler...I hope someone can help. Thanks in advance! scons: Reading SConscript files ...
  • A user of Mixxx 1.11 may be in a variety of states: 1) New user with no BPM analysis at all. 2) New user, some files already analyzed by external programs like RapidEvolution. 3) User of Mixxx with many files annotated with SoundTouch or manually tapped/entered BPMs and/or manually-chosen offsets in the Mixxx Library.
  • Hi, I'm running Ubuntu 10.10 and am trying to run Mixxx 1.8.1. I've added the Mixxx ppa to my repositories as described on the download page. Install seems to go flawless. But when I try to run mixxx by typing mixxx in a terminal I get the following error: mixxx: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZN16QIODevicePrivate4peekEPcx What does this mean?
  • When I first opened the program Mixxx version 1.6 on my mac, it worked like a dream loaded my music library and everything was fine. Then I copied the program (Mixx) to my hard drive because it was running out of a virtual drive the first time, and then shut the program that was running through the virtual drive down and then now it won't start up anymore. I've re-installed the program trying ...
  • Hello there, I have recently purchased a Mac Book Pro and I have downloaded a copy of MIxxx 1.9.1 which I would like to spend some time on learning the ropes. I have been using a Pioneer DDJ-T1 and Traktor 2 Pro on Windows up until recently and would like to look at Midi Mapping the DDJ-T1 so that it works with MIxxx. Here comes the problem, I seem to be unable to locate the controller through ...
  • Mixxx has a single Auto DJ Playlist by design. It is unlikely that we will ever change it. But we are working, to make the use of Auto DJ more and more convenient and feature rich. At least in the upcoming Mixxx 1.11 you can move a whole playlist to Auto DJ by the playlist context menu.
  • Okay now they should be as good as it gets with lp:mixxx.There is need for source testing. i've tested with FFMPEG 0.11 and 1.0 and git. All should build with at least Mac OS X and Linux.
  • Mixxx Series: 2.2 Project drivers: Mixxx Development Team, Mixxx Release Managers Release manager: Mixxx Release Managers Status: Pre-release Freeze Project development focus: is not the focus of development.
  • > New question #182467 on Mixxx: > https:/ /answers. launchpad. net/mixxx/ +question/ 182467 > > Most DJ softwares, Traktor, Mixvibes,Virtual DJ,DeckaDance and others are > made to be used with a controller and also to connected to a mixer. > > But if you compare the sound of a CD player with all these DJ software,
  • I have done some changes, which makes auto DJ useful for manual control. * Manually to a deck loaded song is played by auto DJ * Additional "Skip Next" Button * Auto DJ did not change the "Repeat" Button any more * "Repeat" works as desired (it temporary disables auto DJ) * Lock fading of the two decks against each other, plus some other possible exceptions * Enabling auto DJ always starts ...
  • 2846.By Bill Good on 2011-07-17 Addressed some issues brought up in review; lengthened filename buffer to maximum allowed by Windows (was probably too short previously).
  • 2681.By Raffitea on 2011-03-28 Renamed context menu entry for crate export/import; If file extension is missing, append .m3u to the export file and continue to export in m3u; Replaced Qt::BlockingQue uedConnection with QueuedConnection, which seems to work for rapid sidebar folder iterations with keyboard/MIDI; Added a global static member for BrowseThread::getInstance().
119 of 2500 other pages matching "mixxx"