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  • debian-med (3.0.1) unstable; urgency=medium * Re-render before Stretch release -- Andreas Tille <email address hidden> Wed, 19 Apr 2017 15:29:37 +0200
  • The following packages are available in Bio-Linux 8, but absent from this PPA, as they are updated in the Ubuntu 16.04 repos: abyss ampliconnoise arb bamtools bedtools bowtie bowtie-examples bowtie2 bowtie2-examples bwa clearcut duplicity duply ea-utils emboss emboss-d...
  • I get sporadic segmentation fault crashes during normal playback of one deck at my gigs. The second deck has a loaded but stopped track in it. The crash can happen after 1 hour of playing or after 4 hours. I could't figure out any special step to reproduce the crash yet and normally it happens only after a long time of playing. That's why I don't have any backtrace data yet.
13 of 3 other pages matching "primer3"