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  • qBittorrent is an advanced bittorrent client programmed in C++ with a graphical user interface coded with Qt4 from Trolltech. qBittorrent is based on Libtorrent from Arvid Norberg and it is fully functionnal, featureful, lightweight, easy to use and stable. The project is very active and a lot more new features can be expected soon.
    Registered by qBittorrent Team on 2007-04-08
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  • This PPA can be added to your system manually by copying the lines below and adding them to your system's software sources.
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  • --- Chris ---Nobody is working on this any more and I'm not willing to work on Windows port myself so I'm closing this.----Peter Koeleman is compiling qBittorrent v1.0.0 and dependencies for running on Windows 2000 but it is a work in progress.
  • Is there a command-line interface for qBittorrent (particularly for adding torrents to the download list)? If not, is one planned? The presence of a CLI facilitates client scripting to certain tasks.
  • Where are the actual .torrent files saved? Log in / Register. qBittorrent
  • Hi! I'm a big fan on uTorrent but I would like to put a client torrent on my tiny linux home server and use a webui interface instead (because my main desktop is very energy consuming). uTorrent is not open source and I won't to use it bins... What I really love with uTorrents is labels/tags. This is very usefull when there is many torrents, many private trackers and you want top track what ...
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  • In the option Check folders for .torrent Files : 1: What is (download here) ? 2: When (download here) is not checked , folder watching functions and loads torrents , is this the correct behavior ? 3: I can't add a second watched folder and I just keep getting a blank page is this normal ? P.S : I can add screenshots for question 3.
  • I am trying to access the Web UI through my iPod Touch, but it won't let me get past the login. The Web UI is working normal from all of the computers at my disposal in every browser on them. Has this been accomplished or is it a lost cause with mobile Safari?
  • Chris: I'm currently reviewing the patch. I had some trouble applying the patch but It compiles now. I'll make some tests. Last time I heard from you, you said I should wait and that you would provide a new patch (but this was some time ago and you didn't update your patch).
  • QBittorrent is a really great Program to me, because it supports sending all traffic through proxies, but no Proxy Settings work 100%. If I select http-proxy and activate for all connections, adding and searching for torrents works, but QBittorrent cant download or upload. If I select SOCKS-proxy , I can download and upload, but searches dont work and I have to download the torrent files ...
  • I'm tryin to setup some download filters for automatic downloading. Sometimes it's impossible to setup a name which will match current name of the torrent. Will be verry handy to have some universal signs like ? and *. ? could replace one specific character in the string (ex. ubuntu?9 - ? is replacing space " "or dot ".") while * could be responsible for a specific string (ex. ubu*u - * is ...
  • Right now the preview file functionality is only affective for one file. If the torrent happens to have more than one file, then you don't know which file is being previewed. It could be a text file or a video file, whichever is first on the list of files. What I would suggest: If there is more than one file in the torrents file list, show a sub-menu with all the files in that menu.
  • Hi, I know some awesome torrent files (5000 seeds and more) which load in µTorrent and win ... 1. at my max speed 500k down 2. within one ore two minutes they reach this speed now as I try moving away from win, I am a little concerend. I tried running this torrent in qB in serveral ways (alone, with others, with many others XD), and I conlude it runs best alone (what a surprise) but it only ...
  • Known issue on Windows with qBT v2.8.x. This issue should be fixed now but our Windows packagers are on vacation... In the meantime, I suggest reverting to v2.7.x.
  • I've asked for days on IRC, but it's dead. I always have 'No direct connections' even though my specified port is open both ways and is forwarded in the router, TCP & UDP. I've also opened outgoing UDP ports going out from the system 1300-65530, as UDP is stateless. I am getting firewall blocked ports UDP below 1300, but that's too bad, they're privileged.
  • Daily builds of the master branch of qBittorrent BitTorrent client. That is a development branch and may break stuff from time to time. USE WITH CAUTION!!!
  • This will be done in two parts. 1) A tiny HTTP server programmed in qBittorrent (backend) 2) An AJAX based web UI ie. static content (frontend) Part 1 - HTTP Server (backend)
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