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  • QEMU is a generic and open source machine emulator and virtualizer.
    Registered by Lauro Ramos Venancio on 2007-04-08
  • Administrators of the qemu project in Launchpad.
    Created on 2009-06-01
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  • The qemu-system package in Ubuntu Maverick and later already includes some Linaro changes. Or for the latest releases see the Linaro Tools PPA at https:/ /launchpad. net/~linaro-maintainers/ +archive/ tools/ Releases are made monthly and consist of a source release that is a drop-in replacement for upstream QEMU. You can then configure and ...
  • Administrators of the qemu project in Launchpad.
  • Allow setting qemu process name v2. Set the Linux process name to the name argument specified with name. I find this useful to see which guests are taking CPU time in top. This doesn't affect ps, which checks argv[0], but rewriting the environment uses much more code, so I only used this simple way.
  • Linaro Toolchain ⇒ Linaro QEMU ⇒ trunk. Linaro QEMU is a branch of QEMU focused on improving support for ARM based systems.
  • 31.By Serge Hallyn on 2013-03-14 * re-add qemu-system-x86.modprobe to set nesting=1 (LP: #1155177)* qemu-system-x86.qemu-kvm.upstart: - remove NESTED workarounds from upstart file. - remove loading of modules which is now always done
  • Developers of the QEMU project.
  • Simtec BAST support. Samsung S3C2410X and various peripherals. Home page:
  • File Description Downloads; virtio-win-drivers-20120712-1.vfd (md5, sig) : Floppy image needed for some Windows installs: 10,936 last downloaded today virtio-win-drivers-20120712-1.iso (md5, sig) : ISO to used to install paravirtual drivers in Windows guests
  • libvirt ⇒ trunk. Libvirt is a C toolkit to interact with the virtualization capabilities of recent versions of Linux (and other OSes). The library aims at providing a long term stable C API for Xen, QEmu, KVM, OpenVZ and other virtualization mechanisms.
  • The qemu command line you are using to start the guest. First, I used the command line as follows: kvm -m 1024 -drive file=solaris10. img,cache= writeback -net nic -net user -nographic -vnc :1 then I try to use -no-kvm-irqchip or -no-kvm ,but the problem also appears!
  • Modify QEMU to support Device Trees on ARM. This will include at least being able to pass device trees to a kernel booted under QEMU, and updating the device tree based on other parameters passed to it. Building a model from a device tree is also desirable.
  • Linaro QEMU 2011.07-1 is the latest monthly release of qemu-linaro. Based off upstream (trunk) QEMU, it includes a number of ARM-focused bug fixes and enhancements. This month's release is primarily minor improvements: - Fixes a compile failure on ia64 hosts - syscall 369 (prlimit64) implemented in linux-user mode
  • qemu system to boot without having any machine_desc matching the "compatible" property of the root node. This lets us build a sensible "allnoconfig" and boot any DT enabled kernel for any platform using qemu as long as we have the drivers.
  • qemu-kvm (1.1.2+dfsg-6+deb7u4) wheezy-security; urgency=medium * image-format-validation patch series backported from 2.0, closing CVE-2014-0142, CVE-2014-0143, CVE-2014-0144, CVE-2014-0145, CVE-2014-0146, CVE-2014-0147, CVE-2014-0222, CVE-2014-0223 (Closes: #742730) * slirp-udp-fix-NULL-pointer-deref-uninit-socket-CVE-2014-3640.patch closing CVE-2014-3640 (Closes: #762532) * spice-make-sure ...
  • Linaro QEMU 2011.02-0 is the first official release of qemu-linaro. Based off upstream qemu, it includes a number of ARM-focused bug fixes and enhancements. - This initial qemu-linaro release includes all the ARM code generation fixes from the qemu-meego tree; these are mainly Neon related - The OMAP3 support from qemu-meego is also included
  • This PPA currently publishes packages for Focal, Eoan, Disco, Cosmic, Bionic, Artful, Zesty, Yakkety, Xenial, Wily, Vivid, Utopic, Trusty, Saucy, Quantal, and Precise.
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