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  • Shotcut : metellius Shotcut PPA description Unofficial package for shotcut This package will simply install the official release from into /usr/lib/shotcut (including all dependencies), and have it listed together with the other applications.
  • shotcut 17.06.01-1 in xenial (same version already has published binaries in the destination archive) This PPA currently publishes packages for Bionic, Artful, Zesty, Yakkety, Xenial, and Wily. Package totals The following information is related to the total published packages in the repository (not on your system).
  • shotcut package in Debian. Package information. Maintainer: Debian Multimedia Team Urgency: * Medium Urgency Architectures: * any all Latest upload: 21.01.29+ds-1 * actual publishing details may vary in this distribution, these are just the package defaults. Upstream connections.
  • - Keyboard shotcut - Add keyboard shortcut hint overlay that is displayed + Keyboard shortcut - Add keyboard shortcut hint overlay that is displayed when a user presses and holds the Super key Revision history for this message. Alan Bell (alanbell) wrote on 2011-12-22: #23: this overlay is also a very annoying thing if you use super+mouse wheel ...
  • Translation files that are waiting to be imported are shown in the import queue . To see all the translation templates in website, go to the full list of templates .
  • KiCad-hotkeys, page 2/3 Move/Rotate/Copy/Drag Move/Rotate/Copy/Drag Drag Item G G Drag Item Move Block -> Drag Block Tab D Drag Track Keep Slope Tab: ''M' first!
  • Kendek (nemh) said on 2017-10-20: #1. Use the. DBGLEV=3 systemback-sustart. command, instead of the sudo. But the most common problem is the incompatible lxcfs package. If installed, just remove before starting the Systemback. Use the DBGLEV=3 systemback-sustart command, instead of the sudo.
  • "Chinese calendar" is a Chinese traditional calendar for Ubuntu Kylin. You can find festivals and solar terms for China. In line with the Chinese using habit, it can help users to query date easily.
  • The MP4 files produced by Kazam on Ubuntu 13.10 don't work with various web players. It's not just a faststart/metadata issue (it seems), because moving the atoms don't help. The video will just be black while playing, is if there were some codec issues. I've tested on both Ezs3 and Techsmith ( On Youtube it will work, though, as it seems Youtube re-encodes the whole video.
  • Questions for Sakura. how to change transparency? Adding Dynamic Padding to Sakura? --title (-t) no longer valid? Possible to set line height? Is there a setting for a "reverse color" mouse cursor? How do you make ctrl-shift-c do what ctrl-c used to do? Escape-sequence text colors do not match colors in gnome-terminal. Multiline URLs?
  • Author: Mantas Kriaučiūnas Revision Date: 2020-07-12 21:09:06 UTC Added scratux, moved tuxpaint+ tuxpaint-config to edu-games-recommends; edu-schools-recommends: removed minuet,added shotcut| openshot| openshot-qt|kdenlive| vidcutter| olive-editor, tuxpaint; multimedia:removed libxine1-ffmpeg| libxine1-gnome,added shotcut,vidcutter; standard-recommends: added materia-gtk-theme| numix-blue ...
  • Shotcut for example won't launch on my nvidia 18.04 laptop but launches fine on my Intel 16.04 laptop $ snap version snap 2.32.4 snapd 2.32.4 series 16 ubuntu 18.04 kernel 4.15.0-13-generic [Debug ] <ShotcutSetting s::singleton> language "en_GB"
  • shotcut 21.01.29+ds-1 no signer (2021-12-21) 1 → 3 of 3 results First • Previous • Next • Last: View package details; Latest updates. gcompris-qt 15 weeks ago Successfully built shotcut 20 weeks ago Failed to build: amd64; mlt 20 weeks ...
  • Author: Dan Dennedy Author Date: 2022-04-30 20:06:13 UTC remove endian-sensitive code in alphaspot. This also reduces the memory and makes the code easier to read. Somehow this also fixes the "Transition width" (softness) parameter on
  • This also affects the Shotcut snap. *Might* also be why the blender-tpaw build is suboptimal and can't take advantage of GPUs. See full activity log. To post a comment you must log in. Report a bug This report contains Public information ...
  • We should enable tacker to use just public url of endpoints from VIM's target NFVI. currently, VIM registering process needs to access NFVI's admin url of keystone to find regions. in the case where the admin url is not accessible from tacker, the process will fail. one solution is to register statically the available regions of the NFVI if the admin url is not available.
  • Olivier Girard (eolinwen) wrote on 2010-12-06: #4. Fisheyexml_icon_1 Edit (2.3 KiB, text/plain) I have created the file but on my system there is something who is wrong either this effect doesn't work either i have done a wrong manipulation in the second parameters. So like you have more experence than me i put the files ,one with the diff ...
  • When placing windows on left or right (ctrl+alt+4, ctrl+alt+6), the windows do not cycle through different sizes, occupying only half of the screen. The rest of placing locations works perfectly. The problem was initially reported in bug #862260, and supposedly fixed. I am using compiz-plugins-main and compiz-plugins-main-default version 1:0.9.6-0ubuntu4, and the problem persists.
118 of 19 other pages matching "shotcut"