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  • Synergy is a Cloud service designed to execute generic tasks in OpenStack. Its functionalities are provided by an extensible collection of independent and pluggable managers. Every manager performs specific actions executed periodically (like Cron jobs), or interactively by users through a RESTful API.
  • A small GUI for synergy. Project information. Maintainer: Christian González Driver: Not yet selected Licence: GNU Affero GPL v3 RDF metadata. View full history Series and milestones Loading graph... trunk series is the current focus of ...
  • This project is a collection of six specific managers which, together, extend the Synergy service capabilities. It aims to add to OpenStack a complementary resource allocation and scheduling model, besides the legacy one.
  • Currently it comes with the following main features: - Programming language independent D-Bus interface, which allows to write clients in several languages - Transaction based design which allows to queue actions - The daemon runs only if required (D-Bus activation) - Fine grained privilege management using PolicyKit, e.g. allowing all desktop user to query for updates without entering a ...
  • This information could be used to avoid dead trackers, as persistent storage of credentials for synergy with the existing blueprint, some interesting possibilities for the context menu of the 'Trackers' tab, and for things others will likely find it useful for ('auto-correction' of trackers or whatever).
  • Synergy: Testing: Testing 1: Tools: Tor Browser Bundle Alpha: PPA named transmission for gogo: TV-MAXE + ChannelLists editor: Ubuntu tweak tool: Ubuntu Control Center: Ubuntu Control Center 64-bit: VLC: player: PPA named yast for gogo
  • Synergy Scheduler Manager Synergy Scheduler Manager networking-huawei networking-huawei Group Based Policy Group Based Policy Neutron LBaaS Dashboard Neutron LBaaS Dashboard python-masakariclient python-masakariclient ironic-lib ironic-lib python-keystoneclient
  • R-hi Mohammad, Does it work if you plugin your microphone to your system and record from "Built-in Audio Analog Stereo" device? Its device ID is alsa_input. pci-0000_ 00_1b.0. analog-stereo. This is probably marked as "Built-in Audio Analog Stereo (Microphone)" in the audio-recorder.
  • Synergy also stops being able to move the mouse outside the current screen as soon as you click inside the host screen. The window decorations (including the window which has focus) stop recieving mouse events. (Expected behaviour is unaffected mouse behaviour and headset volume wheel functionality) It is possible to move a window around by ...
  • Author: Ravi Gohil (OpenERP) Revision Date: 2013-10-24 12:09:20 UTC [FIX] For 'res.partner' object, enabled the visibility of 'title' field when the 'is_company' is set, when creating new record for 'title'(m2o field) from 'res.partner' object set the default value for 'domain' ('res.partner. title' object) field based on the 'is_company' field value and changed the label of 'title' field from ...
  • Open Synergy Project. OpenSynergy Framework and related extension components. Viejo. Viejo is a simple CMS built with grok. Projets ubuntu-fr. Gestion des différentes applications pour la communauté Ubuntu francophone. HIS Interoperability. Interoperability of Health Information Systems such as iHRIS, DHIS and openMRS.
  • ubuntu-eee-coders team; Mailing list archive; Message #02729 [Question #61187]: Can't get the partitioning right to install Easy Peasy from a USB stick on a 2G EeePC Surf.
  • Author: Dariusz Gadomski Revision Date: 2015-07-09 13:20:05 UTC [battery] introduced shorter lock/suspend timeouts in place of 3 and 4 minute ones. (LP: #1473059)
  • Download Autodesk Moldflow Insight + Synergy 2018 R2 x64 - A specialized ... Autodesk Moldflow Insight 2019 Free Download · November 6, 2018 .... Autodesk Simulation Moldflow Insight Ultimate 2014 Torrent. ... Autodesk Nastran 2019 Free Download available for 32-bit and 64-bit in our site you will get ..
  • From: Synergy, 2009-02-18 Re: [Question #61187]: Can't get the partitioning right to install Easy Peasy from a USB stick on a 2G EeePC Surf. From: lanzen, 2009-02-18 [Question #61383]: (Italian) webcam porta immagini molto scuri From: bigdsd@xxxxxxxxxx, 2009-02-17 Re: [Question #59439]: low resolution in xp after dual boot with easy peasy
  • On Thu, Jun 18, 2009 at 10:24:11PM -0000, Brian Aker wrote: > Hi! > > 1) You added back the CSV test, but you didn't undelete the csv.result > file. $ bzr log tests/r/csv.result -
  • maria-developers team; Mailing list archive; Message #00031 bzr commit into MariaDB 5.1, with Maria 1.5:maria branch (monty:2680)
  • The packaging changes are OK. The rest of the changes are a merge from Percona-Server 5.5.30 and codership-mysql that have been tested and released.
118 of 303 other pages matching "synergy"