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  • This branch ports from pygtk to pygi. With GTK3 it works perfectly, with GTK2 we have to disable the "select all/none" right-click popup menu, but I think we can live with that (see changelog and code comment for details).
  • Hello: I finally managed to resolve various dependencies and got MenuLibre 2.0 installed from the tarball, but when I ran it from a terminal emulator this was the result: ** (menulibre:8966): WARNING **: Couldn't register with accessibility bus: Did not receive a reply.
  • The following packages are available in Bio-Linux 8, ... staden staden-common staden-doc sumatra swarm tcode tophat treeviewx trnascan-se velvet velvet ...
  • (For review: fix-1179200 is a prerequisite to fix-894143)
  • OpenShot Video Editor 1.3.0. Series 1.3; 1.3.0 ... Change the folder used in the Project Files treeview: 5 Low 10 Fix Released: Related milestones and releases.
  • - #1379937 Pale Moon 25.0.x errors. Milestone ... The warning if the browser preferences can interfered with CookieKeeper is now display as ... TreeView : many ...
  • Coming after lp:~aauzi/midori/fix-894143, this proposes bookmark creation by Dnd from Location bar into the bookmarkbar and ordering of the bookmarkbar with Dnd.
  • Exaile on Windows now launches through exaile.bat becomes thinner and now only searches for Python. Startup is faster, and we minimize the amount of Batch code in our tree. Also, to run Exaile with console, the command is now "exaile --console" instead of "exaile console", just for consistency.
  • [MetaData2] Add artist/album treeview context menu for add/replace Make vala files compile with vala 0.7.3 Fix some more vala compile issues/warnings Allow dragging of slider Metadata Browser 2 -> Metadata Browser Only use monospace in guitar-tab Add right mouse menu and row-activate in album-view song list Select song when clicked on header.
  • TAB should cycle focus between search box, treeview and library: 5 Low: mutil 10 Fix Released: ... Mixxx fails to find libmp3lame on some Linux platforms:
  • Version 1.3.0 brings with it lots of bug fixes, a new user interface theme (called Fresh), stock icons, video upload support for YouTube and Vimeo, new 3D animations (Snow, Lens Flare, Particle Effects), and more timeline and interface animations ...
  • Activity Log Manager is a graphical user interface which lets you easily control what gets logged by Zeitgeist. It supports setting up blacklists according to several criteria (such as application or file types), temporarily stopping all logging as well as deleting recent events.
  • OpenCobolIDE 4.7. Series 4.0; 4.7 ... Mac OS X Installer: 107 ... - Add option to go up in the filesystem treeview
  • Information about tags in tags sidebar and taks treeview is not reported to acistive ... View releases for the Getting Things GNOME! trunk ...
  • This a rewrite of the BrowseFeature and has been tested on OS X, Windows and Linux. The BrowseFeature is now expandable showing drive letters and folders. All supported audio files are listed in the right track table view along with their metadata.
  • Mac OS X installer: 84 last downloaded 7 days ago OpenCobolIDE-4.3.1.tar.gz ... - fix show in explorer action (filesystem treeview) on Plasma 5
  • Be able to add tag from main treeview: 4 Medium: Matthew Rasmus 10 Fix Released: 342955 ... View releases for the Getting Things GNOME! 0.2 ...
  • OpenCobolIDE 4.7. Milestone information. Project: ... Mac OS X Installer: ... - Add option to go up in the filesystem treeview
  • Cluster Treeview Context Menu: 3 Medium: Nick Verbeck ... View releases for the Memcached Manager 0.1 series; This milestone contains Public information ...
  • Download project files. ... Compilation fix for Mac OS X (thanks Ximin Luo ... * Fixed a crash on shutdown that some people experienced caused by GTK_IS_TREE_VIEW.
120 of 576 pages matching "treeviewx"