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  • This a rewrite of the BrowseFeature and has been tested on OS X, Windows and Linux. The BrowseFeature is now expandable showing drive letters and folders. All supported audio files are listed in the right track table view along with their metadata. Thanks, Tobias
  • - Add option to go up in the filesystem treeview - Add ability jump to previous/next cursor position (Ctrl+Alt+Z and Ctrl+Alt+Y) - Add option to send bug report via email
  • Public bug reported: Steps to reproduce bug: 1. Create recurring event in calendar (e.g. repeating daily or weekly for some 10 occurences) 2.
  • Mailing list archive; Message #03996 Re: Tree not synching with open page ... I am probably responsible but >> am not sure how to fix. >> >> >> The behaviour is that when I click on a page in the treeview, the page >> displays correctly but the tree focus flips back to one of the early >> nodes (usually but not always the same one). ...
  • and then run "./run_ from_checkout. sh" in the computer-janitor branch. I think it should work with the current gtk2 that we have in Natty (I tested it), but I also did a lot of fixes there recently for porting other software.
  • katze/katze-array.c (+53/-2) katze/katze-arrayaction.c (+270/-2) katze/katze-utils.c (+156/-3) katze/katze-utils.h (+11/-0) midori/midori-array.c (+7/-0) midori ...
  • - fix show in explorer action (filesystem treeview) on Plasma 5 - fix cursor position after filewatcher reload (fix OpenCobolIDE/ OpenCobolIDE# 97) - improve performances of OccurencesHighl ighterMode - fix a bug in auto-completion, mapping was not always respected and it sometimes happen that the closing symbol is not written if another ...
  • Just installed Alacrte, (all the dependencies were already present anyway), and it runs properly, so whatever is preventing MenuLibre from running is not used by Alacarte.
  • (For review: fix-1179200 is a prerequisite to fix-894143)
  • The following packages are available in Bio-Linux 8, but absent from this PPA, as they are updated in the Ubuntu 16.04 repos: abyss ampliconnoise arb bamtools bedtools bowtie bowtie-examples bowtie2 bowtie2-examples bwa clearcut duplicity duply ea-utils emboss emboss-d...
  • 15432.By chr[] <email address hidden> on 2017-05-16 selection chemistry: cancel if we hit top/bottom. avoid unpredictable results in multi selections
  • This branch fixes issues related to the dragging and dropping of bookmarks caused by the selected bookmark sometimes changing after drag started: Dragging off the sidebar did not destroy the bookmark unless it was current view Dragging an unselected bookmark could have unexpected results. Also dragging is inhibited for bookmarks that are not intended to be moved.
  • Thanks for your help, but the problem is that order_id.sale_type (which is a field in the order header) may be changed on-the-fly byt the user.
  • UniTree is an all purpose outline editor to store structured (hierarchical) information. Data can be arranged in a treeview and linked with eachother. Each tree entry can be enhanced with additional data fields.
  • You can browse the source code for the development focus branch or get a copy of the branch using the command: bzr branch lp:lazr-js
  • Download project files. ... Little Registry Cleaner cannot be uninstalled through Little Uninstall Manager if running ... Upgraded TreeView Advanced to version 1.7 Details are shown in a window instead of in the main window Results can be sorted by click the columns. Changelog:
  • - [FIX] In, use indexFromRecord() function instead of indexFromId() because all new records will have the same id (id=None). Also fixed the setSelection() function from AbstractView to use a Record instance instead of an id for the same reason.
  • User needs to be able to use a regex, or at least be able to set a simple delimiter string that separates nodes. Right now it allows \n or \n\n, my own work uses "- - -" to split scenes. Could also ask it to split every X line breaks (aka a page). Also, would be nice to have: multi-select splitting via treeview.
  • The search module in zim uses the cached index and greps through pages one by one (the speed of the grep is still to be improved - I'm planning for that). My suggestion would be that you make a new version where you re-use the widgets from the search dialog and embed these in the pane.
  • * Ancestors are deselected in treeview if no other sibling is selected * Package version displayed in about dialog * Configuration filename search performed in same directories as checkbox * Manual updated with new functionality and screenshots
120 of 782 pages matching "treeviewx"