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  • Downloads. vegetahd does not have any download files registered with Launchpad. • Take the tour • Read the guide
  • [Bug 1461314] Re: [vegetahd] android buffer allocator does consider hwc alignment constraints Thread Previous • Date Previous • Date Next • Thread Next: To: touch-packages@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; From: Daniel van Vugt <daniel.van.vugt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> Date: Fri, 24 Jul ...
  • The GRID_UNIT_PX env value on Nexus 5 is "23", and the result in the screenshot above is totally compatible with the test done on the BQ E5 (Nexus 5 has a wider screen in terms of than mako and vegetahd). I'm sure the same result is visible also on OPO and MX4.
  • MediaTek ===== The good news: Our krillin/vegetahd (Aquaris E4.5/E5) kernels include the mt6627 driver for the FM Radio, the firmware files are shipped with our images (although in the wrong place), the radio is just a character device ("/dev/fm"), and a couple of ioctl() calls are enough to power it up and tune it to a frequency.
  • The image numbers for selected devices are: krillin #23, vegetahd #3, mako #20 and generic #15. It's a much bigger release than the previous updates because it's the first official vivid-based image in the stable channel. Because of this it's also really hard to create a proper changelog for all the changes introduced by this update.
  • android: Don't close gralloc if it's not safe to do so on particular devices. Based on the success of the experimental branch [1], this branch applies the same workaround (don't close gralloc) as a quirk for krillin.
  • We also had new device and custom tarballs for krillin and vegetahd. Be sure to check the commitlogs [1] and the overlay-changes mailing list [2] archives for more details. As you can see things are really busy in the Ubuntu Touch world.
  • If you have a BQ device (krillin or vegetahd), there will be no update as the early OTA-7 update from last week is exactly the same. For Meizu users (arale), there will be an additional update as we modified a small thing in the device tarball that wasn't ready last week. Cheers, W dniu 19.10.2015 o 18:46, Yann pisze:
  • This just has "hack" written all over it and is bad. > >> CPU detection will also already fail right >> now because >> >> - the Aquaris E4.5 (krillin) and the Aquaris E5 (vegetahd) share the >> same SoC >> >> - devices with the same SoC use different device enablement packages >> >> - gstreamer relies on hardware acceleration that is provided ...
  • Actualy, as cool as it looks, I find that the new app-switcher gives me quite some lag in killing apps (swipe up or down). Significantly more so compared to the old one.
  • BQ has approved our krillin and vegetahd images, so we good to go with releasing them to our stable channel. The contents are the same as for our last weeks release. As a reminder, the release notes page for this OTA includes all the necessary information - along with changes, ...
  • Hello everyone! Our OTA-13 semi-frozen work continues. By the look of it we'll finally open the gates, snapshot and build our first official rc image somewhere around tomorrow evening.
  • Hello everyone! Back from holidays. This week we're all busy preparing the OTA-10 update planned for release in the nearest weeks. QA started testing the first candidate we built on Friday EOD but we already see that re-spins with additional fixes will be needed this week.
  • touch-packages team; Mailing list archive; Message #74854 [Bug 1449925] Re: SIM PIN unlock dialog mis-titled opening from indicator
  • and where I wrote Mir I meant so say Unity-8 sorry :) On Fri, Nov 11, 2016 at 11:20 AM, Mathijs Veen <mathijsv33n@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: > Actualy, as cool as it looks, I find that the new app-switcher gives me > quite some lag in killing apps (swipe up or down).
  • This mp introduces system settings test cases that can be run in both qemu and the phone
  • Hello everyone, A slightly more peaceful day today with only two new package releases: a new repowerd fixing a regression with autobrightness not adapting in certain dark conditions and a new ofono with a fix for network name parsing on turbo.
  • Hello everyone, Only two landings happening today, both with general bugfixes: a new webbrowser-app and oxide-qt. The oxide one is important in such way that it fixes our last emulator blocker as already mentioned in the previous landing e-mail.
  • > It is now half an hour later, and the copy is still in progress. It now has copied 935 of the 1001 files. Each 8 KB file takes around 6 seconds to copy at this point.
  • Hello everyone, We're currently semi-frozen for OTA-13. It's not like a regular Final Freeze because we have a few more silos with required changes we still need to squeeze in before we're in a releasable state.
120 of 71 other pages matching "vegetahd"