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  • VLC is a free cross-platform media player. * It supports a large number of multimedia formats, without the need for additional codecs * It is available for almost every OS
  • VLC is a free cross-platform media player. * It supports a large number of multimedia formats, without the need for additional codecs * It is available for almost every OS * It needs little CPU power
  • The VideoLAN project is the creator of VLC media player. Founded in 2000, about 15 currently active contributors. Home page
  • Downloads. Vlc Remote does not have any download files registered with Launchpad. • Take the tour • Read the guide
  • 64192.By Benoit du Payrat <email address hidden> on 2016-04-12 Qt: Apply nothing if no change was made in toolbar custom. Fix #15011. Signed-off-by: Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen <email address hidden>
  • The VideoLAN team on Launchpad hosts the VideoLAN PPA for Ubuntu. Only active VideoLAN developers or Debian/Ubuntu multimedia maintainers should apply.
  • Source Uploader Published Status Series Section Build Status; vlc - 2.2.2+git20170721+r59033+56~ubuntu16.04.1 (changes file) no signer 2017-07-21
  • I am now building primarily for 18.04 and prioritising only those packages I use (unless by other arrangement). If you have any request please use a Ko-Fi commission. From December 2019 I will not answer any request which is not accompanied by a token contribution. This is to avoid time wasters (a similar approach is used successfully by other people, e.g. those providing a custom/unlocked BIOS).
  • Branch format: Branch format 7 Repository format: Bazaar repository format 2a (needs bzr 1.16 or later)
  • 5.By Xtophe on 2008-11-15 [ Reinhard Tartler ] * Build against libass. Closes: #499063, LP: #210354, #199870 * Explicitly build against libdca in debian/rules * Tighten build depends on a libass-dev version that ships without .la file
  • 54587.By Fabian Yamaguchi <email address hidden> on 2015-01-22 stream_out: rtp: don't use VLA for user controlled data. It should fix a possible invalid memory access. When streaming ogg-files via rtp, an ogg-file can trigger an invalid
  • 1089.By Felix Paul Kühne on 2015-02-09 mac plugin: hack to fix controller bar in fullscreen in firefox. For Firefox, Retina screens don't seem to exist yet, so it will give pixels instead of points
  • i have problem, i tried to stream video to xibo client using vlc, the video displayed well when preview using IE, but not firefox and chrome. When i start xibo windows client, the video not displayed, the client only displays a frame
  • This seems odd because I do not need the trailing /. I checked with both mingw32 and mingw64 builds. I'm glad this resolved your issue but I will forgo updating the building kicad from source document unless other user are having this issue.
  • hi xibo community, I try to display a rtsp stream, witch is generated with vlc, on an xibo 1.6 ubuntu client. I know there are some solutions with asx for windows clients. At the moment I build a machine with xibo-server and client in one pc (ubuntu 12.04.4 32bit). I have DVB-C and DVB-S cards installed and the streams are already running.
  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:n-muench/vlc This PPA has VLC Media Player and it's dependencies. As well as other packages/programs so they build against these newer deps in this repo. All packages are backported either Debian unstable/experimental or Ubuntu Utopic ----- THIS PPA MIGHT BREAK OTHER PACKAGES (it shouldn't (since they're backported with minimal changes), but someone recommended that ...
  • Builds for VLC Daily Build of master branch. VLC Daily Build of master branch; Builds
117 of 5000 other pages matching "vlc"