Crowdfund 4DTris

Written for 4DTris by Laszlo Simon on 2016-08-29

I'm thinking about renewing my game 4DTris - Tetris in 4 dimensions ( ). I have lots of ideas how to make the game more up to date: mobile version with touch control, support for 3D displays, online high score table, improved graphics, etc.

Since there's a lot to do, I'm contemplating the idea of crowdfunding the development. If you think you might be willing to pledge in a future crowdfunding campaign, please let me know by joining mailing list. This is a read-only list with the single purpose of polling the need for this new version. There isn't any commitment by joining the list, and there won't be more traffic on it than a couple of mails from me with the result of the poll and a link to the campaign if succeeding.

If you have any suggestions or ideas about this new version, I'm happy to discuss it on

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