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The Account Banking Framework for OpenERP. A module built to ease the construction of bank communication projects for OpenERP. Donated by EduSense.

This framework tries to close the gap between the account module of OpenERP and its account_payment module. Using digital banking, the workflow using 'formal' OpenERP does not come full circle. Extended with account_banking, it does.
Invoices can be payed, payments can be exported to bank transactions, bank transactions can be processed by the bank and sent back using whatever feedback mechanism available. The feedback can be imported and will be automatically matched with the payments made. Fresh payments are matched with open invoices. There is an intention to match cancelled direct debits as well.

Focus is on the business logic, the user interface and the API for the parsers/generators. Sample modules are included.

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  • Split for 5.0 and 6.0 on 2011-05-05
    In order to facilitate changes for the OpenERP v6 series, the ABF has split d...
  • Migrated to 2a on 2010-03-09
    The repository was migrated to 2a format to keep in line with default bazaar....