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1.5.0 release from the trunk series released 2018-07-12

Release information

* Added: New menu action Tools - Document check which shows a form for checking acronyms in text documents.
* Added: Remember dimensions of Import, Export and Settings forms.
* Added: Support for override of default project file opened on first application start.
* Added: Option to show all acronym items in main form even without specified filter.
* Added: Basic color theming support. Colors can be changed only for some controls.
* Added: Application name in exe file details.
* Modified: Examples moved to subdirectory Examples.
* Modified: Use application icon for uninstaller.
* Modified: Use application version only in Version column in uninstaller.
* Fixed: Displaying of command line help.
* Fixed: Remember visibility setting of StatusBar.
* Fixed: Update listview filter editor width if listview columns width changed.
* Fixed: Update Editor width in TListViewSort filter gridview.
* Fixed: Translate open/save dialog filter text.
* Fixed: Main toolbar DPI scaling.
* Fixed: Correctly initialize directory and file name in Open/Save dialogs.
* Fixed: Filter displayed files by project file extension in Open/Save dialogs.

File Description Downloads
download icon acronym-decoder-1.5.0-i386.deb (md5) DEB 32-bit 3
last downloaded 22 weeks ago
download icon Install-AcronymDecoder-1.5.0.exe (md5) Windows 32-bit and 64-bit 5
last downloaded 21 weeks ago
download icon acronym-decoder-1.5.0-amd64.deb (md5) DEB 64-bit 2
last downloaded 33 weeks ago
download icon acronym-decoder-1.5.0-i686.rpm (md5) RPM 32-bit 2
last downloaded 31 weeks ago
download icon acronym-decoder-1.5.0-x86_64.rpm (md5) RPM 64-bit 2
last downloaded 33 weeks ago
Total downloads: 14

1.4.0 release from the trunk series released 2017-11-07

Release information

* Added: Status bar to show total number of acronyms and their meanings. Status bar can be hidden.
* Added: Option to disable auto reopen last file on start.
* Added: Main window switchable acronym filter by enabled categories.
* Added: A context menu from main acronym filter list to show selected acronym in Acronyms window for its further management.
* Added: Allow to disable selected acronym categories so acronyms without any enabled category won't be shown in main acronym search filter.
* Added: Remember width of list view columns after closing the application.
* Added: Acronym search filter options also available as toolbar buttons.
* Added: Option to filter acronyms by same letters case.
* Added: Search filter in main window can be hidden from View menu.
* Modified: Show project name without file extension.
* Modified: About dialog with application icon.
* Modified: Use CoolBar with mutliple bands instead of one toolbar with separators.
* Modified: Use more precise term "Same length" rather then "Exact match" for acronym text filtering.
* Modified: Show project file name at start of application title.
* Fixed: Error if categories in Categories window are removed.
* Fixed: Settings dialog buttons position on form resize.
* Fixed: Allow to manage acronym only if any is selected.
* Fixed: Update application title in task bar to show which project is currently opened.
* Fixed: Show hints also for other toolbar buttons then just for ToolBar1.
* Fixed: Application directory location for Windows installer script.

File Description Downloads
download icon Install-AcronymDecoder-1.4.0.exe (md5) Windows 32-bit + 64-bit 6
last downloaded 15 weeks ago
download icon acronym-decoder-1.4.0-amd64.deb (md5) Linux 64-bit 3
last downloaded 15 weeks ago
download icon acronym-decoder-1.4.0-i386.deb (md5) Linux 32-bit 4
last downloaded 15 weeks ago
Total downloads: 13

1.3.1 release from the trunk series released 2016-11-02

Release information
Release notes:

* Mostly bugfix release
* Better DPI scaling
* Multi select support in category list
* Optimized export speed


* Added: DPI scaling for icons and toolbars under Windows.
* Added: Main form hide action to tray icon popup menu.
* Added: Automatically resize ListView filter column width according ListView column width.
* Added: Support for acronym category selection in import source format form.
* Added: Multi select support in category list form.
* Modified: Optimalized export speed.
* Modified: Do not initialize all forms at startup to save some memory.
* Fixed: Characters encoding for string loaded from MS Access database.
* Fixed: Replace special symbol for non-breaking space by space so trimming such spaces from string works as expected.
* Fixed: Row height in ListView to respect visual styles.
* Fixed: Incorrect update of last opened files if the application was started with file name as parameter.
* Fixed: Add back links from categories to import sources.
* Fixed: Export to MediaWiki tables was not correctly generated for multi line strings.
* Fixed: Wrong access to main thread from export jobs causing exception.
* Fixed: Loading of import source references for acronyms from file was not working due wrong execution sequence.

File Description Downloads
download icon acronym-decoder_1.3.1_i386.deb (md5) linux i386 4
last downloaded 15 weeks ago
download icon acronym-decoder_1.3.1_amd64.deb (md5) linux amd64 3
last downloaded 15 weeks ago
download icon Install-AcronymDecoder-1.3.1.exe (md5) win32+64 4
last downloaded 15 weeks ago
Total downloads: 11