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Activator Development Framework - Object Oriented framework to ease creation and maintenance of multi-developer distributed mixed environment perl based software projects, especially Catalyst based websites.

Activator makes it trivial for all components of a web based software project to do common things in an easily configurable way: send email, log, access databases, configure the application and provide basic internationalization. The entire software development life-cycle is supported with these modules:

       · Role-based project configuration supporting development, QA, and production needs

       · A globally accessible variable registry for all components within a project including the Catalyst web app, crons and daemons

       · Key/Value dictionary lookups provide context sensitive messages and/or basic internationalization to users and/or logs

       · Simple Template Toolkit based email delivered using a configurable a role-specific method

       · Role based logging utilizing Log4perl

       · Globally accessible database access definitions allowing generic abstraction of database queries (supports intentionally avoiding an ORM)

       · Role and configuration file-aware command line options processing

We are users of Catalyst. We love it, but sometimes making all the parts of our projects play nice together within our eco-system is difficult. As software would travel from inception to development, to QA, to production, there were always design issues that would crop up making someone's life difficult. Activator eases the pain.

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Karim A. Nassar
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