Activity Log Manager 0.9.6 released

Written for Activity Log Manager by Manish Sinha (मनीष सिन्हा) on 2013-07-04

On behalf of the Zeitgeist Team I am happy to announce Activity Log Manager 0.9.6

* Diagnostic Tab is added back (LP #1192040)
* Diagnostic Tab now even shows in Standalone App Mode (LP #1192778)
* "Send a report automatically" has been disabled (LP $#1192777)
* Drops dependency on zeitgeist-1.0, adds dep on zeitgist-20 (LP #1197269)
* "Privacy Policy" and "Show Previous reports" is now a LinkButton (LP #940483)
* Mimetype Includes are sorted alphabetically (LP #1189266)
* Use Plural in Include List
* Put enough padding between GtkSwitch and "Record file and Application Usage"
* Rename
* Privacy panel in gnome-control-center is only shown in Unity
* Activity Log Manager standalone app does not show in Unity

Updated on 2013-07-04.

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