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Simple program that encrypts or decrypts the text using a cipher ADFGVX.

A simple program that allows you to encrypt or decrypt your text or message using cipher ADFGVX. Advantages of this cipher is that the decryption is not necessary to use computers and complex mathematical methods. Cipher does not provide a high level of security for today's algorithms, such as, for example, RSA. But you can use to hide the personal correspondence. The average person would not be able to crack that code :-).
More information about this cipher you can found here:

At the moment, realized the original version of the cipher, but in the future I plan to change the encryption method to increase the setpoint to its security.

Currently already written a console program to be tested. And I plan to write a simple GUI.

You can install latest stable version from this PPA:

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Edgar Cherkasov
Edgar Cherkasov

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released on 2013-02-11

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