admesh 0.96 release

Written for admesh by Anton Gladky on 2013-07-03

admesh 0.96 is available for download. It is mostly bugfix release. No changes from user-side.
As a build-system is used cmake. The source code is moved on GitHub:


Wed, 03 Jul 2013 16:57:55 +0200 Anton Gladky <>
      Andy Doucette (2):
            Fix merge-command.
            Fix translate-command.

      Anton Gladky (11):
            Add cmake-support.
            Remove Makefile and configure-files.
            Remove embedded getopt-files.
            Install block.stl.
            Update doc-files.
            Fix compilation warnings.
            Add version.h.
            Close file properly. Import patch from Debian.
            Set version 0.96
            Generate and install manpage. Used help2man.
            Update version number in README and Doc

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