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Akiban Persistit
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Akiban Persistit - 3.1.4

Release Date
August 3, 2012

This version of Persistit changes the licensing to Eclipse Public License (EPL)
and includes minor enhancements and bug fixes.

See http://www.akiban.com/akiban-persistit for a summary of features and
benefits, licensing information and how to get support.

Users Guide: http://www.akiban.com/ak-docs/admin/persistit

JavaDoc: http://www.akiban.com/sites/all/libraries/persistit-api/index.html

Building Akiban-Persistit
Use Maven (maven.apache.org) to build Persistit.

To build:

  mvn install

The resulting jar files are in the target directory. To build the Javadoc:

  mvn javadoc:javadoc

The resulting Javadoc HTML files are in target/site/apidocs.

Building and Running the Examples

Small examples are located in the examples directory. Each has a short
README file describing the example, and an Ant build script
(http://ant.apache.org). After building the main akiban-persisit jar file using
Maven, you may run:

  ant run

in each of the examples subdirectories to build and run the examples.

Buffer Pool Configuration
For optimal performance, proper configuration of the Persistit buffer pool is
required. See section "Configuring the Buffer Pool" in the configuration
document http://www.akiban.com/ak-docs/admin/persistit/Configuration.html

NOTE: Especially when used with multi-gigabyte heaps, the default Hotspot
JVM server heuristics are be suboptimal for Persistit applications. Persistit
is usually configured to allocate a large fraction of the heap to Buffer
instances that are allocated at startup and held for the duration of the
Persistit instance. For efficient operation, all of the Buffer instances must
fit in the tenured (old) generation of the heap to avoid very significant
garbage collector overhead. Use either -XX:NewSize or -Xmn to adjust the
relative sizes of the new and old generations.

New Features

Detection and Ignoring of Missing Volumes

Warnings are now issues when a previously existing volume is missing, and an
option to allow a system to continue by ignoring pages and transactions in the
journal from missing volumes.

Every time Persistit writes a modified page to disk, it does so first to the
journal. During recovery processing, the page images from the journal are
analyzed and reinserted into volumes in such a way that all B+Trees are
restored to a consistent state. The issue addressed in this change is how
Persistit behaves during recovery if it discovers that a volume referred to by
a page in the journal no longer exists.

Recognizing that under some circumstances an administrator may indeed wish to
remove a volume from an existing Database, this change provides a configurable
switch to optionally allow pages from missing volumes to be skipped (with
logged warning messages) during recovery processing. The switch can be enabled
by setting the configuration parameter ignoreMissingVolumes to true, see

Reduce KeyCoder Serialized Object Size
   Any Database containing objects serialized by a custom KeyCoder from a
previous version of Persistit is incompatible with this change

Minimize the per-instance overhead for application objects written into
Persistit Keys by reducing the size of the internal identifier.

Persistit has rich support for serializing standard Java primitive and object
types into a Key. Additionally, the KeyCoder class allows for any application
level object to also be appended to a Key right next to any other type. This is
tagged internally with per-class handles. This change lowers the initial offset
to, in many cases, halve the serialized size.

Maven POM Changes For Eclipse Juno
The latest version of Eclipse, code named Juno, features a wide array of
changes, including a new release of the m2eclipse plugin. In an effort to make
getting started with Persistit as easy as possible, we have included the
required m2e configuration sections in our pom.

Please contact Akiban if you have encounter any issues getting up and running
with Persistit.

Fixed Issues

Old Journal Files Not Being Deleted

If a volume was removed from the configuration and Persistit was restarted the
associated journal files would not be removed due to internal safety checks. In
the event that the missing volume is intended behavior, a new configuration
option was added. See the Detection and Ignoring of Missing Volumes feature
description for more details.

Class Index Updates Causing Write-Write Dependencies

Custom classes that are serialized into keys or values, through a custom
KeyCoder or ValueCoder, are given a unique identifier. The identifier is
determined transactionally the first time a class is written and stored in an
internal tree. This would cause seemingly spurious aborts if more than one
application threads simultaneously attempt to store the first instance of a
given class.

Accumulator Memory Usage and Transaction Step Policy

Changes to Accumulators are stored were previously stored as individual Delta
objects. For long running transactions that heavily utilized Accumulators, this
would cause excessive memory usage. These unique instances are no eliminated in
most scenarios, resulting in no memory growth in all but pathological cases.

Additionally, the Accumulator handling of the Transaction step value was
inconsistent with how it was treated through an Exchange. Now, both classes
allow a given step x to see any change that occurred at a step less than or
equal to itself.

Known Issues
As described in the *3.1.1 Known Issues*.


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1024857 #1024857 Unexpected RollbackException during MultiThreadedTest 2 Critical Peter Beaman  10 Fix Released
1026207 #1026207 Rollback after creating ClassIndex entry may leave unsafe state 2 Critical Peter Beaman  10 Fix Released
1028016 #1028016 Old journal files not deleted 2 Critical Peter Beaman  10 Fix Released
1028134 #1028134 Excessive memory usage due to Accumulator updates inside single transaction 2 Critical Nathan Williams  10 Fix Released
1028050 #1028050 Accumulator snapshot has inconsistent step policy 3 High Nathan Williams  10 Fix Released
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