Milestones belong to a series and can be created from the series page by a project owner or series release manager.

Version Series Expected Released Summary
Akiban Persistit future future None not yet released This is a placeholder for future fixes.
Akiban Persistit 3.3.0 trunk 2013-05-17
Akiban Persistit 3.2.7 trunk 2013-03-24 Released branch: lp:~akiban-technologies/akiban-persistit/3.2.7
Akiban Persistit 3.2.4 trunk 2013-01-22
Akiban Persistit 3.2.2 trunk 2012-11-30 Released branch: lp:~akiban-technologies/akiban-persistit/3.2.2
Akiban Persistit 3.2.1 trunk 2012-11-13 Released branch: lp:~akiban-technologies/akiban-persistit/3.2.1
Akiban Persistit 3.2.0 trunk 2012-10-15 Released branch: lp:~akiban-technologies/akiban-persistit/3.2.0
Akiban Persistit 3.1.7 trunk 2012-09-11 Released branch: lp:~akiban-technologies/akiban-persistit/3.1.7
Akiban Persistit 3.1.6 trunk 2012-08-24 Released branch: lp:~akiban-technologies/akiban-persistit/3.1.6
Akiban Persistit 3.1.5 trunk 2012-08-06 Released branch: lp:~akiban-technologies/akiban-persistit/3.1.5
Akiban Persistit 3.1.4 trunk 2012-08-03 Released branch: lp:~akiban-technologies/akiban-persistit/3.1.4
Akiban Persistit 3.1.2 trunk 2012-07-13 Released branch: lp:~akiban-technologies/akiban-persistit/3.1.2
Akiban Persistit 3.1.1 trunk 2012-05-31 Released branch: lp:~akiban-technologies/akiban-persistit/3.1.1
Akiban Persistit 3.1.0 trunk 2012-05-25 Released branch: lp:~akiban-technologies/akiban-persistit/3.1.0
Akiban Persistit 3.0.8 trunk 2012-04-30
Akiban Persistit 3.0.6 trunk 2012-03-29
Akiban Persistit 3.0.3 trunk 2012-02-07 Released branch: lp:~akiban-technologies/akiban-persistit/3.0.3
Akiban Persistit 3.0.1 "samba" trunk 2011-12-31 Released branch: lp:~akiban-technologies/akiban-persistit/3.0.1
Akiban Persistit 2.6.1 "puck" trunk 2011-11-15 Released branch: lp:~akiban-technologies/akiban-persistit/2.6.1
Akiban Persistit jenia jenia 2011-10-06
Akiban Persistit kinu kinu 2011-08-30 SQL access to group indexes.
Akiban Persistit jojo jojo 2011-06-30
Akiban Persistit halo halo 2011-05-15 Halo is code complete and all bugs addressed.
Akiban Persistit halo-rc-2 halo 2011-04-15 The second release candidate for Halo.
Akiban Persistit halo-rc-1 halo 2011-03-31 The first release candidate for Halo.