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Akvo RSR is an easy and transparent way to track projects in the field and to share and visualise results

NOTE: The Akvo team has move the code repository for Akvo RSR to Github:

Akvo RSR will bring significant reduction of reporting costs, possibility to manage large numbers of small projects and share and visualize results in an appealing way.'s focus is water and sanitation for those that do not have any, but the Akvo platform should be possible to reuse across different sectors. If you want to talk to us about participating in the Akvo platform development don't hesitate to contact us. Contact details are available at:

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  • Akvo RSR moved to Github on 2010-02-26
    We have moved the Akvo code repository to Github.
  • Akvo RSR 0.9.12 released on 2009-10-12
    Akvo RSR 0.9.12 has been released. This release focuses on some experimental ...
  • Akvo RSR 0.9.5 released on 2009-04-20
    The Akvo RSR 0.9.5 release is primarily image management automatic tools.
  • Akvo RSR 0.9.3 released on 2009-03-12
    New release with Akvo RSR Widgets, PayPal integration for donations and beta-...
  • Akvo RSR 0.9.1 released on 2009-02-11
    Release notes for 0.9.1. Highlight: Dutch language, new Django framework 1.0....