Alarm Clock 0.3.2 "Indicate this"

Application indicators + bugfix release

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Alarm Clock
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Indicate this
Johannes H. Jensen
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5 Johannes H. Jensen
1 Started
4 Fix Released

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Release notes 

Overview of changes in Alarm Clock 0.3.2 "Indicate this"

* Add support for application indicators
* Countdown label for application indicator
* New status icon indicating triggered alarms

Bugs fixed:
565302 - Add countdown label (for application indicator)
610632 - Create ~/.config/autostart if it doesn't exist
671962 - Add support for libnotify 0.7
682999 - Properly stop triggered alarms that are not playing sound
704956 - Add support for application indicators
706832 - Clicking on status icon should bring up list instead of snoozing

New and updated translations:
ar, courtesy of Ahmed Mohammed
ast, courtesy of Xuacu Saturio <>
be, courtesy of Mikola Tsekhan <>
ca, courtesy of I. De Marchi
cs, courtesy of Oliwer <>
de, courtesy of Christoph Wickert
es, courtesy of Fitoschido <>
et, courtesy of Tarmo Ilves <>
fi, courtesy of Jiri Grönroos
fo, courtesy of Gunleif Joensen
fr, courtesy of Nicolas Delvaux
gl, courtesy of Miguel Anxo Bouzada <>
he, courtesy of Yaron <>
hu, courtesy of Papp Bence <>
id, courtesy of Arief Setiadi Wibowo <>
ja, courtesy of jugger Yamamoto
ka, courtesy of Giorgi Maghlakelidze <>
la, courtesy of nivek1385 <>
nb, courtesy of Johannes H. Jensen <>
nl, courtesy of Rachid
pl, courtesy of XeonBloomfield
pt_BR, courtesy of André Gondim <>
ru, courtesy of Сергій Матрунчик (SkyMan)
tr, courtesy of Burak Ilgıcıoğlu
uk, courtesy of Сергій Матрунчик (SkyMan)
zh_CN, courtesy of Lele Long <>
zh_TW, courtesy of Cheng-Chia Tseng <>


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1 blueprint and 4 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Improve the icons Improve the icons 4 High Johannes H. Jensen  5 Started
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
671962 #671962 compile error with libnotify 0.7.0 4 Medium Johannes H. Jensen  10 Fix Released
682999 #682999 Alarm or Timer doesn't stop when "Stop All Alarms" is used and "Repeat Sound" is unchecked. 4 Medium Johannes H. Jensen  10 Fix Released
706832 #706832 Clicking on flashing icon should bring up list instead of snoozing (at least optionally) 4 Medium Johannes H. Jensen  10 Fix Released
565302 #565302 Applet or Notification Area Option 6 Wishlist Johannes H. Jensen  10 Fix Released
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