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Alefa, the application launch helper. Control the launch and execution of other programs.

"alefa" means "run", "go", "launch" or "execute" in malagasy language.

"alefa" is a command line utility that allows to control the launch and execution of other programs.

It is often useful to write (more or less) simple scripts to rerun some commands until they "succeed", or to launch other commands indefinitely. There are numerous common use cases.

Such things should be easily automated so that we can do other tasks without being distracted and without having to restart such frustrating commands ourselves by hand: without creating scripts!

"alefa" fixes that. I decided to create it a day that I was tired of creating, modifying and adapting such scripts to make yet simple and routine tasks.

"alefa" returns command or application's last ExitCode, so you could do something depending of the result.

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