Alexandria 0.6.4 released

Written for Alexandria by Lennart Karssen on 2009-03-15

Alexandria 0.6.4 has just been released.

This is the first stable release in just over a year, following a largely uneventful beta test period.

The 0.6.4 release focuses on maintenance and stability. Since 0.6.3, many providers of book meta-data have been fixed, GUI responsiveness and feedback have been further improved, and many long-standing stability problems have been addressed. There are also new translations for Greek, Macedonian, Norwegian and Slovakian.

On-line release notes, including installation instructions, may be found here:

I believe 0.6.4 is much more stable and usable than 0.6.3, but there are still some outstanding bugs. Please back up your libraries (in the ~/.alexandria directory) before upgrading. And if you do have problems, please let me know about them either via the RubyForge Tracker or on the mailing list (

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