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Alexandria 0.6.6 released last June

Written for Alexandria by Lennart Karssen on 2010-08-28

On June 21 a new version of Alexandria was released. This latest version fixes dozens of bugs and incorporates a few user-interface usability improvements.
Download the Debian package here:

Alexandria 0.6.4 released

Written for Alexandria by Lennart Karssen on 2009-03-15

Alexandria 0.6.4 has just been released.

This is the first stable release in just over a year, following a largely uneventful beta test period.

The 0.6.4 release focuses on maintenance and stability. Since 0.6.3, many providers of book meta-data have been fixed, GUI responsiveness and feedback have been further improved, and many long-standing stability problems have been addressed. There are also new translations for Greek, Macedonian, Norwegian and Slovakian.

On-line release notes, including installation instructions, may be found here:

I believe 0.6.4 is much more stable and usable than 0.6.3, but there are still some outstanding bugs. Please back up your libraries (in the ~/.alexandria directory) before upgrading. And if you do have problems, please let me know about them either via the RubyForge Tracker or on the mailing list (

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Alexandria 0.6.3 in Hardy

Written for Alexandria by Lennart Karssen on 2008-04-16

We are proud to announce that Alexandria 0.6.3 is now available in Hardy Universe. Thanks to all Ubuntu people (MOTU's, sponsors, etc.) who helped making this possible on such short notice!

Ubuntu packages for Alexandria

Written for Alexandria by Lennart Karssen on 2008-02-23

Since the latest and greatest version of Alexandria is not available in the official Ubuntu repositories (yet) the Alexandria team has made its own PPA (Personal Package Archive) with packages (including dependencies) for Gutsy and Hardy. You can find it at Go ahead, upgrade you copy of Alexandria and let us now what you think.

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Alexandria 0.6.3 released

Written for Alexandria by Lennart Karssen on 2008-02-23

We're happy to announce the latest stable release of Alexandria. Version 0.6.3 is a maintenance release of this program, continuing the new development effort begun last year. It brings greater overall stability and a more responsive user-interface, as well as fixing many bugs. Check out the Alexandria home page for more information.

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