AllTray 0.7.2dev is released!

Written for AllTray by Michael B. Trausch on 2009-04-06

It's been a while, but AllTray 0.7.1dev is now available at for download. THIS IS A DEVELOPMENT SHAPSHOT! IT IS NOT INTENDED TO BE GENERALLY USED. IT IS FOR TESTERS AND DEVELOPERS ONLY, AND NOT ALL OF THE FUNCTIONALITY IS CURRENTLY PRESENT. Please see the release page at for more information, including the release news and a link to download.

Additional notes: 0.7.1dev did not build; 0.7.2dev was released (same URL) to correct that issue. Also, this release of AllTray does not have "click mode", and currently fails to handle the case where no program is specified on the command line; this is bug 356516.

Updated on 2009-04-06.

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