Trunk/mainline upgraded to 2a

Written for AllTray by Michael B. Trausch on 2010-01-18


Sorry for the rather long period of inactivity. I am reading the X11 books and that has been taking a lot longer than I thought it would to do. However, it is my hope that it will prove worthwhile and that I will be able to get the last major feature that AllTray is lacking—close-to-tray support—in soon, and then I can begin the process of actually making the first stable release in this series of development.

In the meantime, I have upgraded the repository to the 2a format. This format requires the use of bzr 2.0, which should pretty well be used by everyone at this point. This format is faster and uses less on-disk space, and it is the default format of bzr 2.0, which makes it preferable to use.

Here is hoping that I will have cause to make another announcement soon!

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