AllTray 0.71

New release with minor updates and bugfixes rolled up from 2009 forward.

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Michael B. Trausch
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Release notes 

Removed the GTK custom balloon and uses a normal tooltip, minor bug fixes, updated the man page: -na (--no-alltray) removed; new documented options: --key, --notray, --nominimize and --borderless.


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2010-02-08 Michael B. Trausch <email address hidden>

        * AUTHORS: Update.

        * README: Update.

        * alltray.1: Version bump.

        * Version bump.

        * Regenerate.
        * aclocal.m4: Regenerate.
        * Regenerate.
        * configure: Regenerate.
        * lib/ Regenerate.
        * Regenerate.
        * src/ Regenerate.

        - Version 0.71 released.

2010-02-07 Ignace Mouzannar <email address hidden>

        - Fixes linking to X11.
        - Removes Encoding key from the desktop entry as it is
          not necessary anymore.
        - Corrects typo error usefull -> useful.
        - Updates the homepage, removes deprecated option
          (-na|--no-alltray), adds new options: --key, --notray,
          --nominimize and --borderless, and corrects the alltray
          version number inside the manpage.

2009-04-05 Michael B. Trausch <email address hidden>

        * src/utils.c: Do not hide application window from the pager.
        Fixes LP #118484.

2009-04-04 Michael B. Trausch <email address hidden>

        * src/trayicon.c: Remove the icon_window_enter_event function and
        its associated callback registration.

        * src/utils.c: Set GTK tooltip text for the tray icon on window
        title updates.

        * ChangeLog.old: Move old ChangeLog out of the way.

        * ChangeLog: Created this file.

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