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Amarok is a music player for Linux and Unix with an intuitive interface. Amarok makes playing the music you love easier than ever before - and looks good doing it.

Amarok features:
# Quick and simple drag and drop playlist creation
# Super eye-candy interface
# Multiple backends supported (xine, helix)
# 10 band equalizer
# Automatic cover art download using Amazon services
# The unique and powerful Context Browser
# Automatic play-statistics generation (iRate style)
# Full lyrics download
# Funky visualisations from libvisual
# Crossfading
# Fully configurable translucent OSD for track changes
# K3B (CD-burning) integration
# KDE integration
# Style your Context Browser with custom CSS styles
# Full support for - Share your music taste with friends on the net
# Generate dynamic playlists based on suggestions
# Support for SQLite, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases ensuring fast collection access
# Support for most portable devices (iPod, Creative Zen Micro,...)
# Powerful scripting interface, allowing for easy extension of Amarok
# Translated into more then 35 languages, thanks to the KDE internationalization team

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