Ampoule 0.0.5

ampoule - Python process pool for Twisted Matrix

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Release notes 

Ampoule 0.0.5 (2008-11-12)

 - Fixed bug #259264, this fix introduces a number of changes in the
   architecture of the project:
    1. Removed childReactor argument form the process pool and added
       a starter argument.
    2. Introduced the concept of a starter object whose role is to
       start subprocesses with given parameters. This makes it easier
       to specify particular parameters (eg. new env variables) to the
       child processes without needing to override many methods in the
       pool using closures.
    3. is completely changed and now provides the ProcessStarter
       object which is a default implementation of IStarter.
    4. IStarter interface currently documents only 2 methods:
        in the future it's possible that we will add an additional:
        that starts whichever process we want without requiring python,
        also this might end up with the separation of ProcessPool in at
        least 2 logical levels: the ProcessPool and a dispatcher that
        talks with the children, in this way it would be possible to
        create custom ProcessPools without changing much code or requiring
        any special requirement on the children.

 - Introduced a callRemote method on the ProcessPool that is basically
   the same as doWork. Introduced for symmetry between all the RPC libraries
   in Twisted.

 - reactor short name and ampoule child class are now passed as the 2
   last arguments rather than the first 2. So if you have written any
   custom bootstrap code be sure to change sys.argv[1] and sys.argv[2]
   into sys.argv[-2] and sys.argv[-1] respectively.


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