Aodh 1.0.0

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Thierry Carrez
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3 Chris Dent, 2 Ildiko Vancsa, 1 Julien Danjou, 1 Lan Qi song, 2 Liusheng, 3 Mehdi Abaakouk, 1 Rohit Jaiswal
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This is Aodh 1.0.0 release.


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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1481875 #1481875 test_migrations test does not do what it is supposed to do 2 Critical Liusheng  10 Fix Released
1489404 #1489404 gate hooks need to be updated due to subunit2html location change 2 Critical Chris Dent  10 Fix Released
1472891 #1472891 Cannot create alarm in ceilometer 3 High Mehdi Abaakouk  10 Fix Released
1479274 #1479274 delete alarm returns 500 even it success 3 High Mehdi Abaakouk  10 Fix Released
1481244 #1481244 TranslationHook middleware can lose track of its thread local storage 3 High Chris Dent  10 Fix Released
1482973 #1482973 genconfig fails with ImportError 3 High Ildiko Vancsa  10 Fix Released
1483577 #1483577 Threshold alarm tests are failing due to mock issue 3 High Ildiko Vancsa  10 Fix Released
1476883 #1476883 The alarm history should be deleted when deleting a alarm 4 Medium Liusheng  10 Fix Released
1473046 #1473046 Querying alarm history using severity field breaks the API 1 Undecided Rohit Jaiswal  10 Fix Released
1473406 #1473406 dbsync fail on empty database 1 Undecided Mehdi Abaakouk  10 Fix Released
1478796 #1478796 alarm-evaluator service can't work well with keystone V3 1 Undecided Lan Qi song  10 Fix Released
1482722 #1482722 is mocking time module so sometimes fails 1 Undecided Chris Dent  10 Fix Released
1483107 #1483107 DuplicateOptError when starting evaluator service 1 Undecided Julien Danjou  10 Fix Released
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