AppARmor 3.0 Released

Written for AppArmor by John Johansen on 2020-10-01

The AppArmor development team is pleased to announce the 3.0 release
of the AppArmor user space components.

The release is available on


or via launchpad
    sha256sum: 66fd751fe51eb427d2aa864ee035b12d01d212fd595579275219b0148c43755e

    A detached gnupg signature for launchpag is available at

    This is planned to be the last apparmor release with launchpad downloads.

which should indicate the release was signed with the AppArmor signing
key having the fingerprint

  3ECD CBA5 FB34 D254 961C C53F 6689 E64E 3D36 64BB

The release notes are available at

Please report any bugs you may find via the gitlab AppArmor project

Kudos to everyone who helped make this release possible.

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