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Martin Pitt
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Release notes 

New features:
 - Add a mode for updating an existing problem report to (-u/--update).
   This is similar to the Ubuntu specific "apport-collect" tool, but
   implemented the right way now: In particular, this has access to the UI and
   thus can use interactive hooks (LP: #385811) and show you what is being sent
   for confirmation/cancelling (LP: #371827)
 - apport-bug: If invoked as "apport-collect" or "apport-update-bug" (i. e.
   through a symlink), run apport in update mode (-u <number>). This provides a
   convenient no-options command line program. Please note that does
   not currently install such a symlink. Update the apport-bug manpage

 - Use new login_with() to clean up code, and specify allowed
   access levels (WRITE_PRIVATE is the only sensible one anyway). (LP: #410205)
 - New hookutils functions:
   xsession_errors (match lines from ~/.xsession-errors)
   shared_libraries (determine which libraries a binary links with)
   links_with_shared_library (test if a binary links with a particular library)
 - New CrashDatabase API: get_affected_packages(), can_update(), is_reporter()
 - Rename CrashDatabase.update() to update_traces().
 - Add CrashDatabase.update() for adding all new fields of a report. This is
   primarily useful for collecting local standard and package hook data for an
   already existing bug report which was not filed through Apport. This checks
   can_update()/is_reporter() if the user is eligible for updating that
   particular bug. (LP: #485880)

Bug fixes:
 - Ignore SIGXCPU and SIGXFSZ; thanks to Kees Cook. (LP: #498074)
 - Do not mark non-Ubuntu bugs as needs-retrace, since there is
   no retracer right now. (LP: #489794)
 -, install_retracing_packages(): Do not crash on
   malformed Dependencies.txt lines. (LP: #441709)
 - use-local: Fix for new source tree location of "apport" binary.


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