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Martin Pitt
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download icon apport-1.20.tar.gz (md5, sig) release tarball 8
last downloaded 49 weeks ago
download icon apport-1.12.tar.gz (md5, sig) release tarball 16
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Release notes 

 - Add options 'escalation_subscription' and 'escalation_tag' for
   handling bugs with more than 10 duplicates.
 - crashdb.conf: For Ubuntu, escalate bugs with >= 10 duplicates to
   "ubuntu-bugcontrol" and tag them with "bugpattern-needed". (LP: #487900)
 - general-hooks/ Filter out crashes on missing GLX (LP: #327673)
 - Add bash completion script. Thanks to Philip Mu┼íkovac. (LP: #218933)

Bug fixes:
 - Drop APPORT_FILES whitelist for download() and instead just
   filter out file extensions that we know about (*.txt and *.gz).
   (LP: #444975)
 - Do not put the Tags: field into the bug description, since
   they are already proper tags. In download(), convert the real tags back to
   the Tags: field. (LP: #505671)
 - test/crash: Update expected core dump flags for changed rlimit behaviour in
   Linux 2.6.32.
 - Fix marking of 'checked for duplicate' for bugs with upstream
 -, get_fixed_version(): Do not consider a bug as invalid just
   because it has any invalid distro package task.


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 - Add support for -w/--window option which will enable user to select a
   window as a target for filing a problem report. Thanks Abhinav Upadhyay for
   the patch! (LP: #357847)
 - Disable the filtering on SIGABRT without assertion messages. Turns out that
   developers want these crash reports after all. (LP: #729223)
 - Add support for a "DuplicateSignature" report fields. This allows package
   hooks to implement custom duplicate problem handling which doesn't need to
   be hardcoded in Apport itself. Update the launchpad backend to tag such bugs
   as "need-duplicate-check".

Bug fixes:
 -, add_hooks_info(): Properly report TypeErrors from hooks.
 - apport-retrace: Intercept SystemErrors from ill-formed gzip attachments as
 - Fix crash if crash database configuration does not specify a
   bug_pattern_url. Just assume None. (LP: #731526)
 - If a custom crash database does not specify a bug_pattern_url, fall back to
   using the default database's. (LP: #731526)
 - Update WifiSyslog regex to correctly catch application log
   messages in syslog. Thanks Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre. (LP: #732917)
 -, attach_hardware(): Avoid error message if machine does not
   have a PCI bus. Thanks Marcin Juszkiewicz! (LP: #608449)
 - backends/ Replace deprecated getChanges() call with
 - apport-gtk: Fix broken dialog heading if the name of the crashed program
   contains an & or other markup specific characters.
 - apport-gtk: Don't crash if GTK cannot be initialized. This usually happens
   without a $DISPLAY or when the session is being shut down. Just print an
   error message. If there are pending crashes, they will be shown again the
   next time a session starts. (LP: #730569)

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