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Martin Pitt
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Release notes 

-, write_mime(): Add new optional argument "priority_fields"
   for ordering report keys. Patch by Brian Murray, thanks!
 - Put some interesting fields first in the report, with the new
   priority_fields argument. Patch by Brian Murray, thanks!
 -, _install_debug_kernel(): Do not crash on an outdated
   kernel, just return that it is outdated. (LP: #532923)
 - test suite: Add "Referer" HTTP header, now required by
 - Fix crash if configuration does not have an "escalated_tag"
 - Port to launchpadlib 1.0 API, thanks Michael Bienia for the
   initial patch! (LP: #545009)
 - gtk/, kde/ Change
   categories so that these do not ever appear in menu editors. (LP: #449215)
 - Some LP bugs have broken attachments (this is a bug in
   Launchpad itself). Ignore those instead of crashing.
 - apport-gtk: Turn http:// and https:// links into clickable hyperlinks in
   information and error dialogs. (LP: #516323)
 - apport-retrace: Fix crash when trying to rebuild package info for reports
   without an ExecutablePath. (LP: #436157)
 - Fix crash when package information cannot be determined due to broken
   apt status. (LP: #362743)
 - Fix crash when /etc/apport/crashdb.conf is damaged; print an
   appropriate error message instead. (LP: #528327)
 - data/kernel_crashdump: Fix crash if log file disappeared underneath us.
   (LP: #510327)
 - data/apport: Fix IOError when apport is called with invalid number of
   arguments, and stderr is not a valid fd. (LP: #467363)
 - Factor out the DMI collection code from attach_hardware()
   into attach_dmi(), and call that in attach_alsa() as well. Thanks to Brad
   Figg for the patch! (LP: #552091)
 - apport/ Fix the help output if Apport is invoked under an alternative
   name (like apport-collect). (LP: #539427)


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