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Release notes 

1.15 (2010-11-11)
New features:
 - Add script. This can be called by package hooks which
   need ACPI table information (in particular, kernel bug reports). Thanks to
   Brad Figg for the script!
 - Order symptom descriptions alphabetically. Thanks to Javier Collado.
 - Check $APPORT_SYMPTOMS_DIR environment variable for overriding the system
   default path. Thanks to Javier Collado.

Bug fixes:
 - testsuite: Check that crashdb.conf can have dynamic code to determine DB
   names and options.
 - test suite: Rewrite _gen_test_crash() to have the test process core
   dump itself, instead of using gdb to do it. The latter fails in ptrace
   restricted environments, such as Ubuntu 10.10.
 - Fix handling of /etc/apport/native-origins.d to
   actually work. Thanks Steve Langasek. (LP: #627777)
 - apport-kde: Load correct translation catalogue. Thanks Jonathan Riddell.
   (LP: #633483)
 - Use launchpadlib to file a bug instead of screen scraping.
   The latter was completely broken with current Launchpad, so this makes the
   test suite actually work again. Thanks to Diogo Matsubara!
   you can now specify "staging", "edge", or "dev" (for a local installation). Thanks to Diogo Matsubara!
 - backends/ Fix crash on empty lines in ProcMaps
 - doc/symptoms.txt: Fix typo, thanks Philip Muskovac. (LP: #590521)
 - apport/ rename ProcCmdLine to ProcKernelCmdLine to not wipe
   wipe out /proc/$pid/cmdline information. (LP: #657091)
 - apport/ attach_file() will not overwrite existing report
   keys, instead appending "_" until the key is unique.
 - Fix --save option to recognise ~, thanks Philip Mu┼íkovac. (LP: #657278)
 - Remove escalation_subscription from Ubuntu bug DB definition, turned out to
   not be useful; thanks Brian Murray.
 - Fix APPORT_LAUNCHPAD_INSTANCE values with a https:// prefix.
 - apt backend: Opportunistically try to install a -dbg package in addition to
   -dbgsym, to increase the chance that at least one of it exists. Thanks
   Daniel J Blueman!


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