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 -, crash-digger, dupdb-admin: Drop the concept of "duplicate DB
   consolidation". Such massive queries cause timeouts with e. g. Launchpad.
   Instead, update the status of potential master bugs in the crash DB whenever
   check_duplicate() is called.

Bug fixes:
 - Fix crash in close_duplicate() if master bug was already
   marked as a duplicate of the examined bug.
 -, load(): Fix missing last character if the last line in a
   multi-line field is not terminated with a newline.
 - Fix test_marking_python_task_mangle() check to work with
   current Launchpad.
 - apport-retrace: If the user did not specify a --cache directory, create a
   shared one instead of letting the two install_packages() calls create their
   own. This ensures that the apt and dpkg status is up to date, and avoids
   downloading the package indexes multiple times. (LP: #847951)
 - apport-retrace: Give proper error mesage instead of AssertionError crash if
   a report does not contain standard Apport format data. (LP: #843221)
 -, get_new_reports(): Fix crash if report file disappears in the
   middle of the operation. (LP: #640216)
 - apport/, load_report(): Intercept another case of broken report files.
   (LP: #445142)
 - apport/, standard_title(): Escape regular expression control
   characters in custom exception names. (LP: #762998)

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