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Release notes 

 - apport-retrace: Add --timestamp option to prepend a timestamp to log
   messages. This is useful for batch operations.
 - crash-digger: Call apport-retrace with --timestamps, to get consistent
   timestamps in log output.
 - Add two new functions attach_gsettings_package() and
   attach_gsettings_schema() for adding user-modified gsettings keys to a
   report. (LP: #836489)
 - Add new function in_session_of_problem() which returns whether
   the given report happened in the currently running XDG session. This can be
   used to determine if e. g. ~/.xsession-errors is relevant and should be

Bug fixes:
 - backends/, install_packages(): Also copy
   apt/sources.list.d/ into sandbox.
 - backends/, install_packages(): Install apt keyrings
   from config dir or from system into sandbox. (LP: #856216)
 -, backends/ Define that install_packages()
   should return a SystemError for broken configs/unreachable servers etc., and
   fix the apt/dpkg implementation accordingly.
 - apport-retrace: Don't crash, just give a proper error message if servers are
   unreachable, or configuration files are broken. (LP: #859248)
 - backends/ Fix crash when /etc/apport/native-origins.d
   contains any files. (LP: #865199)
 - hookutils, recent_logfile(): Fix invalid return value if log file is not
   readable. (LP: #819357)
 - test/crash: Fix race condition in the "second instance terminates
   immediately" check.
 - Replace attach_gconf() with a no-op stub. It used static
   python modules like "gconf" which broke the PyGI GTK user interface, and
   gconf is rather obsolete these days.
 -, open_url(): Greatly simply and robustify by just using xdg-open. This
   already does the right thing wrt. reading the default browser from GNOME,
   KDE, XCE, and other desktops. (LP: #198449)
 - data/general-hooks/ Only attach ~/.xsession_errors if the bug is
   reported in the same XDG session as the crash happened. (LP: #869974)
 - Ignore crashes for programs which got updated in between the crash and
   reporting. (LP: #132904)
 - Special-case crashes of 'twistd': Try to determine the client program and
   assign the report to that, or fail with an UnreportableReason. (LP: #755025)
 - apport-gtk: In bug update mode, make details dialog resizable and fix
   default size. (LP: #865754)
 - apport-gtk: Fix crash if report does not have ProcCmdline. (LP: #854452)
 -, attach_wifi(): Anonymize ESSID and AP MAC from "iwconfig"
   output. (LP: #746900)
 - test/crash: Fix test failure if user is not in any system groups.
 - test/crash: Change to /tmp/ for test crash process, to fix failure if the
   user that runs the test suite cannot write into the current directory.
   (LP: #868695)
 - Improve error message if package is not a genuine distro package.
   Thanks to Ronan Jouchet. (LP: #559345)


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