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First beta release of 2.0 which introduces client-side duplicate checking.

Bug fixes:
 - backends/ Fix another test case failure when ddeb
   repository is not enabled.
 - backends/ Fix handling of explicit cache directory
   name when it is a relative path.
 - Only query for bugs after 2011-08-01, to avoid timeouts.
 - Also anonymize standard bug title. (LP: #893863)
 - Current Launchpad cannot have private bugs which affect
   multiple projects. Fix test suite accordingly.

 - Break out new method stacktrace_top_function() from
   standard_title(), so that other parts of the code can use this as well.
 - When sending retraced results back to the bug report, update
   the topmost function in the bug title. (LP: #869970)
 -, add_gdb_info(): Add a new field "StacktraceAddressSignature"
   which is a heuristic signature for signal crashes. This should be used if
   crash_signature() fails, i. e. the Stacktrace field does not have enough
   symbols. This can be used to check for duplicates on the client side,
   provided that the crash database server supports querying for these.
   Do not expose this field when uploading to crash databases though, as it can
   be recomputed from the already existing information (ProcMaps and
   Stacktrace) and thus would just clutter the reports.
 - Add a table "version" with the database format version. Add
   automatic upgrading to the most current format.
 - Put address signatures from reports checked with
   check_duplicate() into the duplicate database, so that implementations of
   known() can check for these.
 - dupdb-admin: Add "publish" dupdb-admin command which exports the
   duplicate database into a set of text files suitable for WWW publishing.
 - Add new method "known(report)" which can be implemented to check
   if the crash db already knows about the crash signature. If so, the report
   will not be uploaded, and instead the user will be directed to the existing
   report URL (if available), similar to bug patterns. The default
   implementation checks this format, if the crash database is initialized with
   a "dupdb_url" option pointing to the exported database.
 - Override known() to check if the master bug is actually
   accessible by the reporter, and is not tagged with "apport-failed-retrace"
   or "apport-request-retrace"; otherwise file it anyway.
 - crash-digger: Add --publish-db option to conveniently integrate duplicate DB
   publication (similar to dupdb-admin publish) into retracer setups.
 - Attach updated stack traces from a duplicate to the master bug
   if it failed retracing previously or has an "apport-request-retrace" tag.
   (LP: #869982)
 - apport-kde, apport-gtk: Support the "Annotation" field for custom dialog
   titles for "Crash" and "Package" problem types as well, not just for
   "Kernel". (LP: #664378)

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